[cryptome] Capitalist Intellectualism v Cryptomerg tipos,

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  • Date: Sun, 4 Dec 2016 20:00:43 +0000

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Deer Chon,

Accordin' tae the TP organisayshun, ye are gawin tae hiv tae lerin who tae speil an' get yur grammer richt, if yur gawn tae becum a guid we boy and weelthy capitulist inteylectual an' ruin America wi' experts an yung cunservastiffs. Dat is, ov course if ye wan tae be yin...Bit they're agin, wut wid ye dae wi awe dat capitulist muney, bit waste it oan crypto graphy and secoority, and pittin culur back intae peepuls cheeks...especiully Mexicuns...Ah suppoz.


Wee Dougie..pretenshus Scoatish intelectool, whit regrettit givin de US uf A ut's independunce an fur no lernin tae play goalf on Donal' Trumpets goalf coarse neeur Aiberdeen and destroy awe the doons.

P.S. Whut duz TP meen...is it shoart fur Turnip Heed...a wunner? Hiv ye reeched a Turin pint in yer life?

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