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Hi Coderman & Colleagues,
Tx for your advice...and all those new avenues for exploration which you have 
opened for me... :-).

The librem 15 looks interesting... :-).  Cheers... :-).  It would be nice to 
get a new "empty laptop" and install linux software of my choosing.  I will 
explore it further. As you know, I am not a "techie"  It took me a long time to 
learn how to use Ubuntu...still learning as a matter of fact.  I am not into 
gaming...don't have the interest, but watch a lot films and listen to podcasts, 
and of course surfing the web and emails.

I quite like Ubuntu and of course Thunderbird and Firefox and I like VLC. The 
only problem with Linux, I have found so far, is that I have never come across 
a bit of software with which I can use to upload and download the songs on my 
Ipod satisfactorily.  It is one of the reasons I have kept Windows OS so that I 
can use Apples' Itunes...

I shall have to look up all those terms like "trisquel" and "BSD" and 
Qubes...as I don't know what they mean.  

I see that the laptop doesn't come out until April 1915 and that it is some 
kind of crowdsourcing financing. I shall have to be very careful there. I 
wouldn't want to lose me money by making a poor investment... :-).
One learns sumfink new every day... :-). 

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> So, anyone got any ideas on how I should proceed, any recommendations, 
> will be most welcome... J.

libreboot a lenovo x200 and throw trisquel on it!

made a few of these for people recently, and it seems to be the current sweet 
spot. Qubes on coreboot is good, but continually technically challenging for 
the uninitiated - many don't need this kind of isolation between app domains. [ 
flashing your own bios is fun and cool. don't be intimidated! :]

if you're into customization and building to your needs rather than general 
kitchen sinkery, slackware is sans systemd, and with kernel, libs, userspace 
tuned tight is as good as it gets in reasonable effort.

of course, if you want out of the box easy, you could just get a librem laptop:

good luck!

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