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Hi Core TX,

I did like that Chinese netbook with the linux stuff on it.  I liked their 
little computer as well.  Quite impressive reading all the research they have 
done on it to try and make it successful for the market place.  I can see now, 
that I asked a really stoopid question...Maybe the backdoor in the armour of 
the chain of security is a small Chinese one...   Even the thermal noise of the 
various components in a computer creates a unique identifier.    Ah Well!  Back 
to the drawing board...plenty of time yet.  I think I might get meself one of 
those 3 d printers and print meself a new brain... J.  Trouble will be finding 
the right software for it... J.



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Here you have a picture of your quoted "from foot eating", yet brilliant RMS 
with a Lemote: http://i.imgur.com/XXX4Qnq.jpg

And yes, this contains the Loongson. :)


2015-03-16 11:03 GMT+01:00 Core TX <coretx@xxxxxxxxx>:

Loongson CPU's might not be publicly audited, but they are being used by the 
Chinese government for security purposes.

This means that the 5 eyes network at least has to put a lot of energy into 
hacking it.

Whereas American CPU's certainly are owned already.

Unless you are Chinese or involved with their (geo)politics, this makes them a 
sensible option.


2015-03-16 2:47 GMT+01:00 coderman <coderman@xxxxxxxxx>:

On 3/15/15, Core TX <coretx@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> The librem-laptop contains a Intel CPU. = Spyware.

for some definitions, everything is spyware. go unabomber or try to
make less bad?

> Your primary solution ( x200 with coreboot ), but also contains a Intel CPU
> and some shady parts that
> have not undergone audits.

show me an audited chip that isn't an openRISC!  :P

> All that software freedom is totally useless if  you can't trust the
> hardware.

"Why We Need Free Digital Hardware Designs" by RMS

coreboot let's you prune some badness, but trade-offs abound. (and
distro can reverse your ucode update aversion with a single pkg add.)

we could get into specifics, but i'm either preaching to the choir or
way over heads...

best regards,




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