[cryptome] Brexit Negotiations: Parallelism v Sequentialism

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The EU has rejected UK suggestions that the negotiations for Brexit be conducted on the basis of Parallelism and Sequentialism, and set the main agenda criteria which they wish to pursue. They wish to have Phased negotiations...Get the rules sorted out, then the money, then the trade, then the borders and citizens...Oh! And don't forget the security. Interesting to note that Germany contributes £16 billion to the EU, the UK contributes £12 billion and third comes France at £6billion...the other members of the EU pay peanuts...



EU Draft Guidelines

   What the guidelines say?

The draft says the EU's overall objective is "to preserve its interests, those of its member states, its citizens and its businesses".

Calling for a "phased approach giving priority to an orderly withdrawal", it suggests starting with discussions on the separation arrangement. They could then move on to talks about a future trade relationship between the EU and the UK.

The draft raises the issue of the UK financial bills with the EU, estimated to be as much as €60bn (£51bn; $64bn).

In a sign of the bloc's determination to secure a "divorce bill", it says that a "single financial settlement should ensure that the Union and the United Kingdom both respect the obligations undertaken before the date of withdrawal".

The document also calls for "flexible and imaginative solutions'' for the issue of the UK's land border with Ireland, with the aim of "avoiding a hard border".>>>

End of Quotes.


Divide and rule is not on the agenda then? All nice and friendly, no dirty tricks or subversion, no exploiting the holes and divisions in each others political parties, governments, states, countries, nations, classes, ethnics, companies, corporations, industries, economies, cultures then. I was trying to find the "Bissel Memorandum" the other day, but it appears to have disappeared off the internet. It was very good, as I remember for stating what the CIA was interested in knowing about a country before it sent in the Peace Corps to show a friendly face and negotiated at arms length and with everyones' best interest at heart.

It will be most interesting to see how the open border which exists between "Irelands" Ireland, and "British" Ireland is sustained...if at all, after Brexit. In fact one wonders why all those poor migrants at Calais all dream of coming to the UK via Dover, when it would be much simpler to sail to Ireland and walk across the border into Northern Ireland and then on into the UK proper...but there you are, even dreams can be so limiting...

Maybe we need a wall along the border...they are becoming so fashionable these days...America leads the world in the latest trends and scientific discoveries and culture after all...:-)And I am sure that we could learn from them on how to build it, how to cost it and who to get to pay for it...:-)



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