[cryptome] Brexit: Aftermath: Beware the Ides of March in June: Brutus is back

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“If you tell the truth, you don't have to remember anything.” Mark Twain.

"The Trouble with being honest...is that one soon gets found out" Oscar Wilde.

Dear Colleagues,

What a performance on the UK political scene today. The Westminster bubble is getting bigger, rippling around, contracting and expanding, like "The Prisoners" balloon, (that old 1960's spy series which became a cult), but not about to burst. Boris Johnstone, our latter day Caesar, has decided not to throw his hat in the ring, for the job of Prime Minister and Leader of the Conservative Party; after an attack by his close ally and erstwhile friend, Michael Gove, who reckons that he has more chance of winning against Theresa May, than Boris does, due to Boris's isolation and poor performance.

Michael Gove, is a very humble person, from an humble background, only an M.P. and government minister because he wishes to serve and help the people; and until last week, considered that the job of Prime Minister was far too far above his capabilities. However, since then he has done a volte face and decided that he is more than adequate to do the job, highly intelligent, resourceful, experienced at international negotiations and far better than our Boris or Theresa May...the present Home Secretary, who is a Remainder...but very quiet about it. Michael, a rather loud Brexit, is fond of the Nazi word when it comes to false information, is one of the Government ministers in Cameron's cabinet, but has yet to pledge publicly his allegiance to our American cousins on the question of loyalty to the administration and 5 eyes. I am sure that this is just an oversight and we will hear it from him shortly.

You see, the realities of today are; if you don't make such a pledge, then you don't get the support of the cousins, and getting elected without the cousins backing is very difficult, all sorts of diplomatic fuck ups can ensue, undermining strategies and tactics, bits of ones private life which one would rather keep quiet might bubble up in that entropy which is the Sunday Newspapers...withdrawal of funds of support, direction of funds of support to other candidates, white, black and grey propaganda, special operations; all the usual influences that an empire has over its colonies and lessers manifest themselves at times like this...:-). There are a few other things in his speech which might be of interest to cryptomites, but you will have to go read it for yourselves if you are interested.

Theresa May, and old ally of the US of A, has been around for a long time, and of course has been responsible for the most proportionally democratic oversight of the UK secret services in British history, granting them almost everything they desire, as part of her role of serving the British people, and indeed the peoples of the world, from terrorists and criminals and subversives and such like, who are trying to bring down our society and demean and diminish our way of life, by being Brexiteers.

Liam Fox, a doctor and well known figure in the Conservative Party and once a minister, is also standing, but he is a bit of a has been these days, getting caught out in some lobbying scandal or other a few years back. Very little chance of getting to the top, more interested in the money than the power. One has to be lily white these days to be Prime Minister...a bit like our Queen, no sex...We are British...:-)

What a speech Boris made today on the day of his non-election. In a masterful piece of acting, he arrived at the room for registering his hat for the Big Joabbie, at the last minute, only to announce that he wouldn't be standing...At least he can count...and the figures for his election were not looking too good. A "get Boris movement", probably emanating from his old friends in the Bullingdon Club...was set up with the slogan...anyone but him...:-)

see url: http://www.huffingtonpost.co.uk/2015/09/21/bullingdon-club-five-things-we-know_n_8169064.html

It was a fighting speech though, with its mandatory pledge to our American cousins regarding 5 eyes and security and intelligence, a must for any politician with prospects of getting elected here in the UK today. And with consoling words for all those young people and old people and immigrants and fellow travellers he has upset and misled during his campaign during his unholy alliance with UKIP and Nigel Farage. He is obviously looking to the future, when either Theresa May or Michael Gove screw up Brexit. One thing for certain...Boris will be back, though in what kind of Sartres Waiter uniform, we shall just have to speculate.

The result of the Referendum in the UK continues to work its way through the political and economic superstructures. The Labour Party is in meltdown. I did say in a previous posting that it will be difficult to get rid of their leader, Jeremy Corbyn. There is a massive revolt of the parliamentary M.P.s but they are frightened to challenge him, as it will mean that he will automatically stand for the job as leader again, and their candidate could lose by just as much as they did last year. It is a much wider caucus which elects the Labour Leader, from the trade unions, as well as the ordinary members and the M.P.s. I respect the man, even if I don't agree with him politically. He is sticking to the Labour Party Constitution. We have yet to find out what is happening in Jeremy's power base, the unions and labour party constituencies, whether that grass roots support still exists. And of course, so many Labour members refused to follow the party line and voted for Brexit....it is even rumoured that the Leader also voted Brexit in the Referendum, but it is only a rumour. This key fact is what is preventing the Labour M.P.s from making a move to elect an alternative leader, because if they try, then Jeremy can stand again...and they just don't know what the result will be. Whilst, if they wait and don't challenge but rely on the media and other pressures, he might just resign and open the way for David Milliband to enter the fray.

And who is David Milliband....

see url: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/David_Miliband

Ah! Well, he is Ed Milliband's brother...the failed ex Leader of the Labour Party, and it is rumoured that there is a constituency (Bratley And Spen, whom Jo Cox, the murdered M.P. represented) being kept open for him, which no one will contest but him, so that he can become an M.P. and then stand for the Leadership, and replace Jeremy Corbyn...Such are the coalitions and alliances which exist in the English establishment amongst the political parties. Thank goodness Scotland is out of it for the moment...:-).

see url: http://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/2016/06/30/angela-eagle-to-launch-labour-leadership-bid-in-battle-for-the-s/

and url: http://www.express.co.uk/news/politics/684382/Labour-leader-who-will-it-be

Now you can see what some of the fuss has been about in the Labour Party just recently. All that alleged Anti-Semitism, attacks on Ken Livingstone and how David Milliband, will come to the fore and rescue the Labour Party in time to win the next election.

see url: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-politics-36672022

see url: http://www.enotes.com/shakespeare-quotes/we-such-stuff-dreams-made

There is only just one teeny weeny little problem. The electorate in the Labour Party voted for Brexit, and most of the M.P.s in the Labour party are Remainders. And it is the constituency and ward leaderships of the Labour Party who select...or deselect...M.P.s. At this time it is not known where those leaderships stand regarding Jeremy Corbyn...

So far...you will notice...that the principles which M.P.s hold so dear regarding serving the public, has not yet extended to them either resigning from parliament and getting another job, or resigning from their party and either joining another one, or setting up another one. Principles of public service...after all...only extend so far...:-)




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