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Hi Shaun,

Oh...You are bringing back memories now...:-).  Remember all those 
demonstrations for peace in the 1960’s...during Harold Wilson’s time?  The 
Committee of 100, basically a bunch of anarchists, but didn’t they mobilise 
well.  I was going on countless demonstrations at that time, really had the 
bug, and was organising against the war in Vietnam mainly.  Peace committees 
started to emerge in hundreds of towns and cities, composed of all sorts of 
ordinary people, from all classes.  Folks were getting really scared about the 
Cold War, and when the US brought in the  Cruise nuclear missiles and based 
them at Greenham Common, the shit hit the fan.

See url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Greenham_Common_Women%27s_Peace_Camp


The idea was the missiles would go out on the road and be transported all over 
South London and Sussex and Surrey, in secret..and could be fired at the USSR 
without the permission of the UK government, the middle classes went ballistic. 
It sounded like a good, well thought out idea, the only problem was that the 
missiles and their transporters were so big, that they could only use certain 
routes. Some clever sod, got a copy of the routes and published them, that 
really screwed the project up.


 A group of women set up a camp outside of Greenham and were subjected to the 
most abusive campaign  by the authorities, they were called slags, prostitutes, 
lesbians and all sorts.  Evictions from their camp took place at the height of 
winter, children dumped in the snow, by bailiffs as if they were scum.   The 
locals were very much opposed to the women too, for a while, until they grasped 
the nettle that they were prime nuclear targets in the event of war, and that 
there weren’t that many jobs coming out it.   And the noise of the aeroplanes, 
on what was once a quiet bit of England’s green and pleasant land...The 
Perception of a future reality, raised its head double quick, and it wasn’t 
long before the middle classes were making  their representations in the 
corridors of power, in the most discrete way of course.  Conversations in 
private London clubs with upper and middle class accents were heard to say to 
Ministers, “I say, old chap, this just won’t do, get it sorted”


  Duplicity over Vietnam too, the UK didn’t get involved...apart from sending 
military advisers covertly...until they got found out.   Then there was CND, 
and when they really got going big time, huge demonstrations in London and 
elsewhere, particularly at the Easter Weekend took place.    People went on the 
big march for a holiday, as it took 4 days to walk from Aldermaston, the 
“secret” nuclear research establishment.  The march weaved its way through the 
English countryside, stopping at all the secret military establishments on the 
way, so that demonstrators could take pictures with their missus and kids in 
front of signs saying “Top Secret Establishment, No Photographs...Liable to be 
charged under Official Secrets  Act”.  It was all very cultural too, camping by 
the wayside, with folk singers playing guitars and singing protest songs, 
poetry sessions with beat poets and dancing on the way...and the spliff, what 
quality, cheap too, not like the stuff we have nowadays, wot rots ones brain 
and makes one paranoid.


The Labour Government was furious because so many of their supporters were 
joining in, the Tories were getting worried, as they too were suffering from 
members bending their ears about it.


Harold Wislon was too busy dealing with the “gnomes of Zurich” who were 
devaluing our Great British Pound, so that they could speculate on it.   The 
Conservatives accused us all of being in the pay of Moscow.  I remember all 
that Moscow gold I got, found out it was counterfeit and spent it all in the 
one shop...:-).   In those days too, the political parties, said one thing and 
did the opposite.  The funny thing was, I remember thinking that the 
Conservatives were more “honest” than Labour, because they were less 
hypocritical.  There were some great demonstrations too, outside of the US 
Embassy, in Grosvenor Square.  I remember attending one organised by the Women 
in Black and the  Benjamin Spock mothers for peace. 


See url:  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Benjamin_Spock


Some misguided demonstrators were rolling marbles under the hooves of horses 
which were trying to move us on from our sit in... US soldiers could be seen 
inside the enemy, with helmets and guns, purely for ceremonial wear of course, 
they wouldn’t use them on their friends...would they...if we had broken in?  
Perish the thought...:-).


Yep...them were the days...noises on the phone, was surely special branch 
connecting up, and agents provocateurs, plenty of them were all around us, 
keeping us company.  They have all been digitalised since then, world is full 
of zombies and clones...:-).   No mobile phones in them days, no tablets, 
computers, just radio and state controlled television and one or two private 
stations, controlled and regulated by the Broadcasting authority.  Not like 
today at all, instant happenings today, on the mobile phone, pictures and sound 




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All this reminds me of a tv series  that centred around the nuclear industry, 
"edge of darkness" it was called , although it was fiction there was sufficient 
concern that apparently several big wigs tied to the nuclear industry got a bit 
worried lest it undermine the reputation of the industry.certainly a few 
politicians and government bods felt a bit hot under the collar.

Then there is the movie "the china syndrome" it was fiction and somewhat 
Hollywood style but again, it was the kind of movie that makes you stop and 

OH and Sellafield is the name the now replaces Windscale..

In a classic act ot treachery to its own citizenry. the British government when 
windscale was bieng constructed. where determined to be "up there with the 
Americans" and when the power station nearly blew its top. , there followed 

What the public did not know was that scientists had warned very strongly that 
certain construction methodologies the government where pushing for would be 
dangerous. , it is thanks to the scientific community and many workers who made 
significant sacrifices the that situation was not anywhere near as dire as it 
could well have been.

The "investigation" put the blame on the very people who struggled to contain 
the blow-out...oh and of course Britain didn't want the good ole US of A 
knowing it fucked up. that would never have done.

and now we are left with stark reminders of our folly, Chernobyl and fukashima 
come to mind.

I often find myself wondering how it is that nuclear energy can be hailed as a 
safe form of power and yet require such extreme measures in place to keep it 

Then there was a "public information movie!" that did its rounds claiming that 
if a nuclear explosion where to occur the fallout footprint would be far 
smaller than the public where inclined to believe.,

Frankly I found that little exercise in "public information awareness" was 
quite unconvincing.



ps will  take a gander ant them URL's later.

On 09/03/2015 11:59, Douglas Rankine wrote:

Hi Shaun,


Now that is funny...:-).  


One of the other things that I find very strange, as well as funny...is that 
there are an awful lot of countries, particularly the poorer ones, who also 
want nuclear weapons, and yet, the countries who have already got them, find 
that they can’t get rid of them!  All those nuclear weapons, the nuclear sites 
and all those high and low radioactive substances are very damaging to human 
beings, to our environment...and very expensive to maintain...and contain.


  In fact the amount of money that is spent on the production of nuclear 
weapons, the mining and  the refining of uranium and turning it into plutonium 
is incredible.  However, it doesn’t   even compare with the cost in human 
resources, of those miners who dig the oxide out of the ground, or the other 
workers in the industry, and the families who live near nuclear power stations, 
who suffer cancers and shortened lives, or those who suffer from nuclear 
accidents, massive amounts of radiation released by tsunamis or human folly in 
the terms of removing safety procedures to get increased power.


There are now somewhere in the region of 435 nuclear power stations operating 
or under construction  in over 31 countries. 

See url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._P._Snow


When nuclear power was first used to produce electricity...at what was called 
Windscale and is now called Sellafield, it was opened by the Queen and dressed 
up as an electrical power producing plant, which made cheap electricity from 
nuclear fuel and it was said to be very safe and good for the environment, 
because it didn’t use fossil fuels and pollute the environment.


  I remember at the time Windscale was being built, I was sitting in the 
dentists waiting room, as an emergency patient with toothache, when my mind was 
taken away from the pain by reading an article in the National Geographical 
Magazine, which always seemed to be freely available at the dentists at the 
time.   The article was on the merits and use of nuclear power and nuclear 
fission in  particular, and showed some pictures and diagrams of the 
construction of the plant and the science behind nuclear fission.  I was only 
around 11 years old at the time, but I was so absorbed by the article that I 
completely forgot about my toothache, thinking what a wonderful invention it 


For a more modern resume of nuclear fission, see url: 


What was kept secret at the time, was the massive subsidies from the government 
to  the industry, to those corporations building the plant, the massive amount 
of concrete needed to encase it  for safety reasons, and  the huge amounts of 
money spent on securing the plant.  All the secret stuff came out later, a book 
was written called “The Corridors of Power” by C.P. Snow...

See url: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/C._P._Snow

still well worth a read to get into the secret, Machiavellian machinations of 
our ruling establishment who were determined to get it built.  How can one 
oppose something if one doesn’t know it is occurring?


  Most people didn’t have a clue in those days just how dangerous this stuff 
was, even though Hiroshima and Nagasaki was still fresh in the minds of those 
who survived the second world war.  Like me they didn’t tend to associate 
peaceful uses of nuclear power with its being a “weapon of mass destruction”. 
In fact the phrase is a new invention, coming out of 9/11 and the Iraq War.   
Many people thought that nuclear fission was the best thing since the invention 
of sliced bread, most others didn’t care or weren’t bothered, just like today, 
too busy surviving and getting on with life, living in the present.  Again, the 
government was clever, (the management of persons and their perceptions of 
reality is hardly a new concept) nuclear power was sold on the basis of being a 
peaceful use of the awesome power of nuclear fission, a nice, clean, controlled 
environment, with plenty of safety procedures and controls to prevent it from 
going “pear” shaped...:-)... and cheap power readily available for the 
consumption of the masses in the coming, not social, but consumer revolution.   
 All those electrical consumer goods, white goods, household aids, would never 
have sold in such quantities if it hadn’t been for cheaper electricity and hire 


I have changed my mind a number of times on support or non-support of nuclear 
power being used for producing electricity.  As time goes by, and hindsight 
comes to the front, as nuclear accidents increased in both severity and 
numbers, as nuclear weapons multiplied both in size, in form and types of 
delivery, as methods of containment of nuclear rubbish were found to be 
leaking; it became more worrying for me.  Sellafield or Windscale containment 
areas leach radioactive materials quite profusely, millions of pounds being 
spent on putting a finger in the dyke.  In the Northern tip of Scotland, 
Dounray, leaks radioactivity into the beaches and sea, preventing the fishermen 
from carrying on their trade, all due to burying used nuclear products...BELOW 
sea level in underground storage centres.


These days, with further knowledge developing about using fossil fuels more 
cleanly and new types of more environmentally sustainable power production, 
from heat pumps to wind turbines, hydro electric and tidal power stations, 
cleaner burning of coal; there are alternatives which cost far less than 
nuclear power ever did.  It is interesting to note that more money was spent on 
researching nuclear power in one year, than  has ever been spent on researching 
alternative and more  sustainable forms of energy production and conservation 
for the last 70  years.


So, we are left today, with countries still hanging on to nuclear power, to 
weapons of mass destruction, those that have them trying to prevent them from 
proliferation, only to find that their intelligence services, or spies or those 
who wish to make a fast buck in the nuclear industry or large corporation, 
subvert the system or break the law, and give, sell or make the secrets 
available for all sorts of other expedient reasons.  And that poor countries or 
countries who feel disadvantaged or are being conned into believing that 
nuclear power and weapons are the answer to peace and cheap electricity 
production, are queuing up to becoming members of the nuclear club.  Iran has 
plenty of oil, more than enough to sustain its exports and internal usage for a 
hundred years.  Why does it want nuclear power...if not nuclear weapons?


But human folly is nothing new and never original...it is just the scale of it 
that gets better and bigger...  Lists of nuclear accidents can be studied...

See url: 

For all the ones that are known about.


At least, over millions of years, the continental plates will consume and 
subsume our present environment, and new sets of problems and new species will 
surface for someone or some other thing to solve.  I feel some science fiction 
coming on here...”The Kraken Wakes” by John Wyndam, perhaps ...:-).

I hope you all enjoy this little piece and find it interesting and 
educational...if not...perhaps you would like to contribute your own...:-).




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On 08/03/2015 22:29, Douglas Rankine wrote:

Yup!  All you need is a little bit of magic potion...and a keyword like 


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wow, all you need is a bunch of enriched uranium and high explosives to design 
a nuclear weapon?


I think it is a little more complex than that


On Sat, Mar 7, 2015 at 11:16 AM, Douglas Rankine 
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See url: 


Estimate of 30,000 protesters attending.


Ex Mossad Chief, accuses Netanyahu of making it up about Iran developing 
nuclear weapons in a year or less, says Netanyahu is talking bullshit...

See url: 


Excerpt from Netanyahu’s speech to Congress, see url: 


Quote: Because Iran’s nuclear program would be left largely intact, Iran’s 
break-out time would be very short — about a year by U.S. assessment, even 
shorter by Israel’s.>>>end of quote.


Strange how no one is talking about, or even mentioning, or hinting...at 
Israel’s nuclear weapons...Not Iran, not the USA, not the UK, not France, not 
Russia, not India, not Pakistan, not China, not North Korea...not even 
Netanyahu, or the government of Israel...Is it one of those big secrets? An 
invisible elephant on the world’s stage?






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