[cryptome] Assange in Danger of Eviction from Ecuador Embassy

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see url: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2017/feb/09/ecuador-julian-assange-embassy-notice-eviction

Julian had better find some leaky election losing stuff on right wing presidential candidate Lasso very quick as he is climbing up the polls for election as President of Ecuador and has promised, if he wins, that he will give Julian 30 days notice of eviction from the Embassy. Apparently, the human and financial cost of Julian's 4 and a half year stay, is somewhat burdensome on the poverty stricken Ecuadorian economy, and embarrassingly stressful on the embassy staff, due to the constant surveillance of their every movement and the economic cost of his upkeep is horrendous.

I wonder if he makes any financial contribution towards his upkeep...and did he pay off the cost of his bail bond to his lenders when he jumped ship? A mere detail of course...As his valuable contribution to this leaky world of global intelligence is much appreciated by the itinerant masses, if not the ruling classes, who follow his every utterance.

It won't be long now before he finishes the term of confinement he might have received if he had been found guilty of the various charges levelled against him by the Swedish government on behalf of those women who made them when he stayed with them all those years ago, and steps outside of the Swedish Statue of Limitations.

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