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  • Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2012 08:00:48 -0600

Hi John,

Your URL has the "2012" typo'd.

Just thought you should know. :-)

On 7/23/2012 7:57 AM, John Young wrote:
> The ubiquity of crowd surveillance and recording by officials, informants
> and contractors -- online and offline -- indicates a need to increase use
> of pseudonyms, masks and other identity cloaks in forums, protests and
> demonstrations. That is well known.
> Provocative nics, masks, costumes and other disguises are also used
> as forms of disclosure and messaging for attacting media attention for
> amplification. Too, common practice.
> Guy Fawkles masks have spread worldwide in concert with
> a host of traditional and contemporary masquerades, facial and full-body.
> These advocates and protestors anonymizing and diversifying tools
> combat the mass-anonymizing and menacing tools of police Ninja
> suits, water cannon vehicles, helicopters, armored cars, spies,
> informants and contractors, overt and undercover.
> As officials increasingly anonymize surveillance and attacks
> on protestors to avoid responsibility for individual actors and
> accountability for agencies -- especially in democracies --
> advocates and protestors should counter with more imaginative
> use of costumes and cloaks to convey opposition to the asymmetry
> of hiding authoritarian behavior -- offline as well as online.
> Guy Fawkes masks, like the nic Anonymous, are being transformed
> from singularity to multiplicy to reconfigure ready-mades into
> ingenious, non-violent IEDs, improvised exposure devices.
> However the unchanged Guy Fawkes mask -- like ubiquitous
> jeans and checked shirts -- may hide identity better than a
> custom-made. Bland as effective as outrageous.
> An example based on looking at hundreds of photos of Zuccotti
> Park protests: dozens of men approximated the appearance of Sabu --
> by adopting a common look in NYC, he did not stand out like many
> of the undercover cops.
> A photo series of masquerade protests:
> http://cryptome.org/2102-info/masque-protests/masque-protests.htm

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