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After Der Spiegel " revealed that the roof of the embassy in Berlin placed
blocks suspicious , it turns out that these additions are also installed in
other cities . Evaluation of equipment is listening to the American
National Security Agency
Amir Rappaport | 29/10/2013 8:38
What's behind the " boxes " uniformity mirror placed on the roofs of the
U.S. embassies in major cities around the world and building additions seem
" natural ." It seems to be hiding the most sophisticated listening
facilities .

Researcher Ronen Solomon discovered the testing facilities identical
pictures of the roofs of the U.S. embassies in Beijing , Dubai, Berlin ,
Moscow , Madrid and Tel Aviv. , After comprehensive research published in
the German weekly " Der Spiegel " , following revelations about the
eavesdropping carried out by the Americans to the top German leadership .
according to " citrus Spiegel " , on the roof of the embassy in Berlin
built blocks that appear as part of the structure , but in fact it is made
of the facilities 'soft' gray or white. material that does not block the
absorption from the listening facilities are behind him.

U.S. listening devices '' on the roofs of embassies in the world

After the discovery Der Spiegel " revealed for the first time , based on
the findings of Solomon , that identical facilities on the roofs of
embassies are many other cities , including Tel Aviv. In all cases it
seemed as if it were part of the building , but we notice that H"kobiot "
are , in fact, building additions . If the findings of the " Citrus Spiegel
" right , the savers of listening to the American intelligence agency
scattered throughout the world.

Tel Aviv is no exception : in addition L"kobiot " is also found on the roof
of the U.S. embassy in Tel Aviv , like other major cities , Tel Aviv there
are other antennas that are hidden , probably because it's not an
intelligence listening equipment .

Israeli security officials say they are not surprised by exposing
eavesdropping in Germany and that they are aware of the American listening
mechanism being not only from the roofs of embassies , but also through
satellite listening equipment and other means . The assumption in Israel is
the U.S. listening to all the conversations that take place in the Middle
East as well as Europe , especially if they are not encrypted .

U.S. wiretapping saga continues world countries , and today the U.S.
ambassador was invited to Spain to talk with accusations that the U.S. had
listened to more than 60 million phone calls to Spain during the month.
Ambassador called to talk to the Spanish Minister for European Affairs ,
Inigo Mendez de Vigo , and the meeting between the two lasted 40 minutes .
Madrid at the end of the conversation released a message saying : " Spain
to the United States emphasized the importance of maintaining a climate of
confidence in bilateral relations , and the importance of awareness extent
of the actions , if it turns out that they actually took place , are
unacceptable between countries that partnership and friendship ."

As in the case of Germany and France , published information originally one
of the local newspapers , " El Mundo " , and its origin is a document
provided to the leak , a U.S. National Security Agency , former Edward
Snowden .

Source: http://www.nrg.co.il/online/1/ART2/517/655.html?hp=1&cat=666&loc=1


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