[cryptome] Re: ANC: Operation Vula

  • From: doug <douglasrankine2001@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Wed, 02 Jul 2014 22:15:09 +0100

I can remember similar events from personal experience in the 1960's and from an old Welsh miner who had the same thing happen in the General Strike in 1926 here in the UK. Telephone calls made from selected phones, organising demonstrations where no one turned up except the police. Committee of 100 I think they were called, if my memory serves me right.

On 02/07/14 21:49, John Young wrote:

Some years ago anonymous provided a batch of classified material
from SA, DRC and [redacted]. Then breezed into NYC asking for
a sitdown which took place at the demolished World Trade Center
and [redacted]. This person elaborated with [redacted] and,
most astonishingly, [extended redaction!]. With a wide smile and
a Sherlock Holmes hat tip off the spy-impersonator went, on his
back the sign said "You've Been Punked."

At 04:18 PM 7/2/2014, you wrote:

This is an even better link, it contains the whole series of 6 articles. Again, I am surprised that there is no comment on this one. After all, the ANC developed better security practices in its communications system than the major security services have got today...and they were mostly a bunch of amateurs, and the technology was crap. A real lesson in security practices I thought, and how NOT to do it, until they got it right. Even today's liberation/revolutionary/terrorist movements don' t have as good communications as the ANC did up till the time they took power. Different era of course, but nevertheless, the valuable lessons they learnt are a standard for todays security industry in my view.

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