[cryptome] Re: 2nd closure - provider of encrypted emails

  • From: John Young <jya@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cryptome@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 18 Aug 2013 12:01:02 -0400

That comforting illusion is why crypto is called a munitions,
Pack a single shot cellphone gun to take down a mosquito
spy drone.peeping into your TurboTax cheat sheet.

Or else pay your scared shitess taxes for the WMD terrorists.
at the national labs fabricating and leaking nightmares with
superduper computers and high-speed global networks with
similar hellish labs uncrackable by NSA, well, maybe a few
insertions to uptick Stuxnet investments. Are these briliant 1%
toadying minds armageddon insane or mephistopholean jesters?

At 09:51 AM 8/18/2013, you wrote:

I believe it is _*not*_ "of course" and it would not be, if encryption would be already the absolute minimal standard for everyone. Like always - people sleep too long and then wonder when the snake is in the house. Who still wants to send open postcards (to make the neighbours jealous) can do so, but all others need some serious glue on their letters and have the right.

Ben McGinnes wrote, On 18/08/2013 15:19:
>> Corollaries:
>> >
>> > Crypto is a red flag inviting attack, aided by anonymizing and other
>> > concealing methodologies.
> Of course.

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