[cryptome] Re: 1st British Bitcoin Exchange due to open

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Hi Aftermath,

But I am not wikileaks... J. Whistleblowing comes at a price...as I have
learned to my personal cost; and if the price is a freezing of their
account...then so be it. Getting it unfrozen is all part of the game. It is
another one of the ways which our global state keeps control of those people
who act or try to act above their station in life and try to put right their
perceived wrongs of society, on their own behalf or those of others.

Thank goodness that the human spirit manages to rise above such deterrent
methods in at least a few of the billions of people like myself who keep their
heads down most of the time.

I much prefer those who are more specialised in the area than me and have the
facilities to look after my money to do it for me, especially when they remove
my liability for its recovery when they lose it.

I hate being forced to do anything, learning should be the language of love;
and taking care of my own money is the worst thing I can think of...Why? cos I
will only spend it! It’s one of the reasons I decided not to become a
millionaire... J. The more I have the more I spend. I have such a creative
imagination that I can turn a ten pound note into a million pound note and
spend it all within 10 seconds of conceiving it in my mind. It is one of the
reasons that I have little money and became a permanent student... J.

Learning new things at little or no cost or even at a profit, (though I find
profit boring) I think is much better than paying out an arm and a leg for
it...I always think. But there again, perhaps such thinking is all part of my
Scottish penny-pinching miserly background...and comes from my mother who was
brought up on the economics of Adam Smith and the philosophy of the Scottish
renaissance... J.

Any international money transfers I do, I get for free, they are done from my
armchair and I don’t have to do any work like mining to get it, underground or
otherwise. If the transfers are over £5000 then the NSA, the UK and the French
Banking system kindly notify everyone in the pond of the transaction when it is
done officially by the agent in the transfer. If it is less than £5000 then
the agent keeps a record, as does the sending bank and the receiving bank, and
the NSA CIA only get notified if they have an interest.

See url:

Or url: http://www.bankofengland.co.uk/markets/Pages/paymentsystems/default.aspx



P.S. At my age, I have learned the hard way that a helping hand can be very
valuable... and I do hope that you are not going to put all my funds into
Bitcoin...J. Oscar Wilde was so right, “Youth is wasted on the young”... J

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I use a credit card or PayPal for
purchases on line as this guarantees that I get my money back if anything
goes wrong,

Tell that to wikileaks ;)

and I don't need to have a wallet on my computer to keep account
of the money. If the computer goes pear-shaped, I can always go to my
account online and pick up from there. With Bitcoin, if something goes
wrong, I have lost the lot, and have no way of getting my money back. I
have little or no need for anonymity in my buying and selling, but do
appreciate security accompanied by accountability.

bitcoin is not without its own pitfalls. Stability is one, user adoption along
with its learning curve is another.

with bitcoin you are forced to take responsibility for the security of your own
money. With your money in the bank/with visa/with paypal etc, you are giving up
control of your funds to a third party. If they fuck up and lose it, insurance
covers the loss (most of the time).

speaking for myself, I dont need my hand held. I dont advocate putting all your
funds into bitcoin or any cryptocurrency, but as far as low-cost world wide
transfers that are somewhat private, it is my go-to method


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