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Dear Chien Fume,

A most interesting and learned posting, far wiser than any of mine...and I 
enjoyed it very much.  I must say it is very rare to see such voluble lucidity, 
knowledge and education on this mailing list... and so long too...J.  In fact I 
would agree with most of your potted history of Israel, the Jewish tribe and 
their relations with other tribes and nations, although the origins of Judaism 
go back much further...some say 4000 years to the Canaan, but where did the 
people from Canaan come from... Perhaps it can be traced to migrations from 
India?  Or from Africa... as well as the recent migrations from old Europe, and 
the Jewish Diaspora exists in almost every country in the world. 


Who really knows their origins, or any family, race or tribes origins over the 
millions of years that man has wandered the planet.  We didn’t start writing 
things down, until 10,000 years ago, and even then they were mere symbols.  The 
historical artefacts of human existence go back for only around a hundred 
thousand years, showing  the various migrations in North America and China and 
Africa and Australasia.


  Human beings are naturally curious, and gregarious, just  like other species, 
and as their numbers expand they move into and take over new territories.  As 
the Aborigine wisely said.  “The land owns us, we do not own the land”.  And 
how does one determine my Scottishness, my ethnicity, my religion, my 
culture...is it through my genes, or is it from my culture, my environment, 
where I was brought up, how I was educated, how well I know my historical 
epoch: were my cultural values imprinted upon my mind by my peers and family 


Modern Zionism, is of course, a difficult concept to define, with many 
groupings and trends, and many different perceptions of what it means.   Modern 
Zionism, in my view developed from the events which led to the false 
imprisonment of Dreyfus a  by the French authorities for being a traitor, and 
which was so well recorded in “J’Accuse” by Emile Zola (which is well worth a 
read, though Robert Harris’s book, “An Officer and a Spy” is much easier to 
read and much easier to understand, in my view).   See url: 



I hope you are not suggesting that I consider, or have said in any of my 
postings on the matter of Israel and the elections being held  there, that all 
the Israelis are religious fanatics?  If so, point my nose to where and I will 
apologise, as it was most certainly not intentional....


I agree with you on the definitions of “right” and “left” in political 
philosophy and political parties. I gave up on them  a long time ago, as they 
are meaningless in practice when it comes to defining a political movement or 
trend. So many times have I noticed one party of the right expressing views on 
improving welfare, health, jobs, the economy and so on, whilst the party of the 
left says exactly the same thing, but when it comes to the practice, all they 
do is a surgical operation.


The trouble for me with Sartre’s waiters...in my view...Is that I consider 
everyone to be one...including myself.   Those who define themselves otherwise 
should go look in the mirror... J.


Israel as a nation, just like all nations, is expansionist, because the people 
who govern them are expansionist.   The Israeli government, since its formation 
and up till now has been very expansionist.  It has settled its own people on 
lands which are in dispute.  The Israeli government has realised this and done 
little about it, in fact, expanding it.   No doubt about the pressures and 
strengths of various political and religious factions and trends exerting their 


Zionism and Israel are not  questions of hate for me, they are questions of 
interest.  I have yet to find a definition of Zionism, which I understand...it 
is too contradictory, again with different philosophies, trends and groupings.  
 I have spent some time on the present Israeli elections,  because I think the 
result is important for world peace with priority in the Middle East and 
relations with other countries who have a different philosophy and different 
traditions.  I have little time for terrorists, violent fanatics or extremists, 
whatever political, religious or cultural ethos they dress them up in.  People 
can...and do think those things, I do, from time to time; but putting them from 
thought into action, is a different matter. We can, after all, think what we 


I agree with you that there is a lot of anti Jewish feeling in the world, and 
that it is a historical phenomenon, deeply rooted in some people’s minds.   It 
also raises its ugly head at times of crisis, particularly financial and 
economic crisis, or before or leading up to a war.   Here in the UK there is a 
lot of feelings of hate towards immigrants, those of Muslim origin in 
particular.   In my time on the planet, I have seen prejudice and hatred 
expressed in violent actions against almost every race, ethnic, religion, sex, 
age and class, that one can think of.   And, depending on the historical epoch, 
it varies.  I have even seen prejudice and hatred towards Scottish people by 
English people, and Vikki vermin, and I have seen violent hatred against white 
people by black people as well as Vikki Verki.   And the violent will beat 
anyone up for no reason or justification whatsoever!  “There is nothing so 
quair as human nature”.


  However, it is not  so much the feeling, and how it  manifests itself, but 
the fact that we human beings have those emotions, which are part of us, which 
can make us think and act in such a way...that is the important thing, in my 
view.  I suppose it is a bit like some folks holding the view that torture is a 
justifiable, moral, legal, or practical activity for establishing truth...in 
some circumstances...perhaps...:-).





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'There is no need to divide the Land of Israel to lower the price of cheese,' 
said Naftali Bennett, who also played the guitar.

Bennett said that the Left would like to hand over the Mount of Olives, and 
Beit El and the Cave of Machpela in Hevron to the Arabs, because they do not 
want Israel to be Jewish.


NOTE: Most Israelis are not religious fanatics. Many of the most ardent 
Zionists respect the ancient religious traditions but also live very modern 

Most (but not all) of the ultra-Orthodox refuse to participate in the Israeli 
Army (the IDF) but have very powerful political parties that ensure they 
receive large sums from the State coffers. Those ultra-Orthodox tend to 
facilitate the goals of the anti-Zionists (the various Arab parties and their 
allies in the Israeli Left).

In Israel, the 'Left-Right' distinction has almost nothing to do with 
economics. Most accept a system of socialism that is very much like George 
Orwell's 'Oligarchical Collectivism'. As in other 'industrialized' countries in 
the world today, a small number of people own and manage the industries. Taxes 
are extremely high because the public welfare system requires huge sums of 

The majority of people in Israel live at or below the poverty line. Jobs are 
scarce. Additionally, few know that the State of Israel provides large sums of 
money for the primary groups that work to destroy the State - The Palestinian 
Authority and Hamas. 

The 'Left' in general are in favor of giving up huge areas of land designated 
as The Jewish Homeland in 1922. 

The 'Right' generally is against giving up any land, but contains a significant 
component that would evacuate large sections, as was done by the 'Right Wing' 
Sharon government in 2005. 

For those concerned with actual International Law there are ample online 
resources reproducing the legal agreements, treaties, and other actions that 
determined Israel's legal borders. The general public tends to hear only the 
unfounded, distorted claims made by groups whose ideology is only an extension 
of the group that started taking over large parts of Europe in the 1930s. 

One of the most easily accessed and concise accounts of the legal basis for the 
borders defining the State of Israel as determined in 1922 (and not modified 
since that time) is found at 

There are many arguments and claims put forward by those who wish to see the 
Jewish (Zionist) State either severely reduced in size, or eliminated 
altogether. No similar claims are made against the physical boundaries of 
Jordan, Syria, Egypt, or most of the other Islamic States surrounding Israel. 

The current effort to eliminate the Assad government in Syria, and the rapid 
expansion of Islamic extremism via the efforts of the group known as ISIS or 
ISIL (an expansion of the original Al Qaeda group).

If history and respect for the many-faceted Jewish culture were respected, 
Israel would be allowed to exist, in genuine peace, within the very small 
borders set in the 1922 British Partition of the original League of Nations' 
Mandate for Palestine. However, the religious and ideological opposition to 
this has proven difficult to address. 

In actual fact, the world in general is continuing the same ideological war 
against Jews (and Zionism) as was perfected by the man with the funny mustache 
and his comrades. This ideology is aided by a certain segment of the Jewish 
population... the descendants of those who cooperated with the NSDAP, entered 
into 'The Transfer Agreement', and assisted the British in what's known as 'The 
Season' (hunting down and killing those who demanded that the League of Nations 
Mandate be implemented immediately). That crowd of Jews also sank the Altalena, 
helping ensure the invading Arab armies in 1948 would prevail. To this day, 
this group works to implement the 1947 Partition Plan that shrank the original 
1922 land area and created an indefensible and fragmented 'Israel'.

Ironically, many of the technological innovations that drive modern 
telecommunications and make the Internet so useful were either discovered or 
developed in Israel. 

None of this is written with the expectation that it will change the views of 
anyone, especially the 'Sartre's Waiters' who dominate this group. Those who 
hate the State of Israel, and who rail against Zionism (a fashionable and 
trendy way to be anti-Semitic without being so obvious about it) will continue 
in their beliefs no matter how much evidence is provided showing that those 
beliefs are without substance. 

When it comes to hatred of Israel and Zionism, we're dealing with something 
that seems to be deeply rooted in the world spirit... a hatred of an entire 
group of people, with some of the worst haters coming from that very group. For 
more on this see 'The Jew Flu: The strange illness of Jewish anti-Semitism' - 
oddly enough, this was published in one of the most virulent Leftist Israeli 
news organizations - 

Magna est veritas, et praevalebit

Chien qui Fume


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