[cryptome] 100,000 at Tel Aviv Nationalist Rally

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*'There is no need to divide the Land of Israel to lower the price of
cheese,' said Naftali Bennett, who also played the guitar.Bennett said that
the Left would like to hand over the Mount of Olives, and Beit El and the
Cave of Machpela in Hevron to the Arabs, because they do not want Israel to
be Jewish.*


*NOTE:* Most Israelis are not religious fanatics. Many of the most ardent
Zionists respect the ancient religious traditions but also live very modern

Most (but not all) of the ultra-Orthodox refuse to participate in the
Israeli Army (the IDF) but have very powerful political parties that ensure
they receive large sums from the State coffers. Those ultra-Orthodox tend
to facilitate the goals of the anti-Zionists (the various Arab parties and
their allies in the Israeli Left).

In Israel, the 'Left-Right' distinction has almost nothing to do with
economics. Most accept a system of socialism that is very much like George
Orwell's 'Oligarchical Collectivism'. As in other 'industrialized'
countries in the world today, a small number of people own and manage the
industries. Taxes are extremely high because the public welfare system
requires huge sums of money.

The majority of people in Israel live at or below the poverty line. Jobs
are scarce. Additionally, few know that the State of Israel provides large
sums of money for the primary groups that work to destroy the State - The
Palestinian Authority and Hamas.

The 'Left' in general are in favor of giving up huge areas of land
designated as The Jewish Homeland in 1922.

The 'Right' generally is against giving up any land, but contains a
significant component that would evacuate large sections, as was done by
the 'Right Wing' Sharon government in 2005.

For those concerned with actual International Law there are ample online
resources reproducing the legal agreements, treaties, and other actions
that determined Israel's legal borders. The general public tends to hear
only the unfounded, distorted claims made by groups whose ideology is only
an extension of the group that started taking over large parts of Europe in
the 1930s. www.tellthechildrenthetruth.com

One of the most easily accessed and concise accounts of the legal basis for
the borders defining the State of Israel as determined in 1922 (and not
modified since that time) is found at

There are many arguments and claims put forward by those who wish to see
the Jewish (Zionist) State either severely reduced in size, or eliminated
altogether. No similar claims are made against the physical boundaries of
Jordan, Syria, Egypt, or most of the other Islamic States surrounding

The current effort to eliminate the Assad government in Syria, and the
rapid expansion of Islamic extremism via the efforts of the group known as
ISIS or ISIL (an expansion of the original Al Qaeda group).

If history and respect for the many-faceted Jewish culture were respected,
Israel would be allowed to exist, in genuine peace, within the very small
borders set in the 1922 British Partition of the original League of
Nations' Mandate for Palestine. However, the religious and ideological
opposition to this has proven difficult to address.

In actual fact, the world in general is continuing the same ideological war
against Jews (and Zionism) as was perfected by the man with the funny
mustache and his comrades. This ideology is aided by a certain segment of
the Jewish population... the descendants of those who cooperated with the
NSDAP, entered into 'The Transfer Agreement', and assisted the British in
what's known as 'The Season' (hunting down and killing those who demanded
that the League of Nations Mandate be implemented immediately). That crowd
of Jews also sank the Altalena, helping ensure the invading Arab armies in
1948 would prevail. To this day, this group works to implement the 1947
Partition Plan that shrank the original 1922 land area and created an
indefensible and fragmented 'Israel'.

Ironically, many of the technological innovations that drive modern
telecommunications and make the Internet so useful were either discovered
or developed in Israel.

None of this is written with the expectation that it will change the views
of anyone, especially the 'Sartre's Waiters' who dominate this group. Those
who hate the State of Israel, and who rail against Zionism (a fashionable
and trendy way to be anti-Semitic without being so obvious about it) will
continue in their beliefs no matter how much evidence is provided showing
that those beliefs are without substance.

When it comes to hatred of Israel and Zionism, we're dealing with something
that seems to be deeply rooted in the world spirit... a hatred of an entire
group of people, with some of the worst haters coming from that very group.
For more on this see 'The Jew Flu: The strange illness of Jewish
anti-Semitism' - oddly enough, this was published in one of the most
virulent Leftist Israeli news organizations -

Magna est veritas, et praevalebit
Chien qui Fume

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