[creations] Your Creations Inventory

  • From: Gerald Lawley <gerald.lawley@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: creations@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sat, 26 Apr 2014 15:51:52 -0400

Hello everyone,

Attached to this email is a very simple spreadsheet for Creations inventory

If you have a spreadsheet program (such as Microsoft Excel) you should be
able to open this spreadsheet.

If you are not able to use a spreadsheet, please create a text or Word file
with the information listed below in it.

I have saved this spreadsheet in the .csv  format. This might not mean
anything to you but it allows for the spreadsheet to be opened in many more
types of spreadsheet programs than just Microsoft Excel.

Because of that you will find that the columns are not very wide when you
open the sheet, especially the "Description" column. Feel free to adjust
the column widths to make it easier to see what you enter.

Once you have completed the spreadsheet or text file please email it to:


There are four columns to be filled out on the spreadsheet:

1. Item ID/SKU - in order for Creations to track your inventory we need
some way to track each item. If your items already have identification
number/letters or SKUs, you should use them to fill out this column. If you
don't already have such a number, please create one for each unique item.
No guidelines on format, use what you want.

2. Description -  Enter a description of the item here

3. Price - Enter price here

4. Quantity - enter the number of items that will be in the Creations

If you have any questions about this please email me at:

Item ID/SKU,Item Description,Item Price,Quantity

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