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This is an interesting web site that debunks Einsteins theory of
Basically it shows that the Michelson-Morley Experiment showed no motion
of the earth when down in a basement surrounded by cement and steel, but
the Dayton Miller experiment showed motion when on a mountain in
non-sheilded environment.

The analogy here is this:
1.)  If I am sitting in a car moving at say 70 mph and I enter a curve
at the same speed but not the same velocity as the direction of my
motion is changing I can feel the motion in of the movement.
(heliocentric model).

2.)  If I am sitting in my car in a high wind moving at 70mph but the
wind changes directions I do not feel the changing in wind speed since
my motion has not changed but the winds has with respect to me.
(geocentric model).

Dayton Miller and Michelson-Morley did experiment #2 but Dayton Miller
did it with the windows rolled down in the car so he could feel the
breeze.  These two experiments together demonstrate no earth motion.

Michael +JMJ+

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