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Typical slander of Catholicism.  Neville, just drop me from the list =
since I seem to be the source of contention.
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Dear Neville,
I've been putting into the trash what has been sent to me since I asked=20
for my name to be removed from your mailing list, but on looking to see=20
if your personal email was confirming my removal or not, noticed that=20
you'd like me to reconsider. That is probably a wise thing to do -=20
thank you for the suggestion, so please do keep me added until I've had=20
an opportunity to reconsider properly.

I'm going away (DV) for a few days, so will take copies of what has=20
recently arrived and think and pray. However, generally-speaking I am=20
doubtful, as I basically hold to the traditional evangelical views of=20
hell, Catholicism, etc., and to the scripture "can two walk together=20
except they be agreed?" (Amos 3:3) I believe scripture says 'No.'

Like Philip, I have little time to joust with those who have no=20
intention of yielding their will to God, and hence His Word=20
(scripture). Through scripture I have encountered the reality of the=20
Lord Jesus, got to know and trust Him, and for me, now, He is the=20
ultimate reality from which everything else takes its meaning. Other=20
brothers called to dialogue with those who have not yet bowed the knee=20
to Him are welcome to engage in this interaction, and I praise God for=20
them and bless them, but there are loads of resources, individuals,=20
organisations and websites where this is already done adequately, and I=20
don't want to be involved in one myself. I had hoped that in this list,=20
some like-hearted/like-minded individuals would be searching their way=20
forward to coming to a common mind about Creation Science and=20
Geocentrism, and as it does not seem to be working out like that at=20
present, I suspect I don't really want involvement in it. But this may=20
change in the light of my reconsideration, I suppose.

Drawing to a close, I've decided to accompany this with the email 'Tone=20
and Accuracy', which I composed just before I resigned, and then=20
decided against sending because as I was going to leave, it seemed=20
unnecessary to start a conversation I was not going to be around to=20
take farther forward. Now I am re-evaluating my decision, I should at=20
least be around long enough to handle any comment on it, and hope it=20
might still be of value to the forum anyway. We need a lot more grace=20
to oil the relationships between us, and that can only possibly come=20
from those who have themselves received it!

Let me make this perfectly clear: I am not decrying you or others=20
generally discussing belief to find truth - I did a great deal in my=20
younger days - it is just not what I feel *I* should be involved in=20
myself at present.

God bless,


On 6 Feb 2005, at 05:49, Dr. Neville Jones wrote:

> Dear Eric,
> =A0
> Please read my reply to Philip first and reconsider. If you still want =

> to go, then I will unsubscribe you, of course.
> =A0
> You have a wealth of experience in this field and your views are=20
> highly thought of by several of us here. Please, therefore, don't give =

> up.
> =A0
> Yours in Christ,
> =A0
> Neville.
> Eric Curnow <eric.curnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Neville,
> Thanks for a few days on "freelists", but I've decided not to continue
>  with it. There is just too great a divergence of views to waste time
>  trying to sort the wheat from the chaff.
> Please remove my name from the site.
> Thanks, and Lord bless,
> Eric
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