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  • From: Eric Curnow <eric.curnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: Creation Freelist <creation@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 7 Feb 2005 09:24:14 -0800

Dear Neville,
I've been putting into the trash what has been sent to me since I asked 
for my name to be removed from your mailing list, but on looking to see 
if your personal email was confirming my removal or not, noticed that 
you'd like me to reconsider. That is probably a wise thing to do - 
thank you for the suggestion, so please do keep me added until I've had 
an opportunity to reconsider properly.

I'm going away (DV) for a few days, so will take copies of what has 
recently arrived and think and pray. However, generally-speaking I am 
doubtful, as I basically hold to the traditional evangelical views of 
hell, Catholicism, etc., and to the scripture "can two walk together 
except they be agreed?" (Amos 3:3) I believe scripture says 'No.'

Like Philip, I have little time to joust with those who have no 
intention of yielding their will to God, and hence His Word 
(scripture). Through scripture I have encountered the reality of the 
Lord Jesus, got to know and trust Him, and for me, now, He is the 
ultimate reality from which everything else takes its meaning. Other 
brothers called to dialogue with those who have not yet bowed the knee 
to Him are welcome to engage in this interaction, and I praise God for 
them and bless them, but there are loads of resources, individuals, 
organisations and websites where this is already done adequately, and I 
don't want to be involved in one myself. I had hoped that in this list, 
some like-hearted/like-minded individuals would be searching their way 
forward to coming to a common mind about Creation Science and 
Geocentrism, and as it does not seem to be working out like that at 
present, I suspect I don't really want involvement in it. But this may 
change in the light of my reconsideration, I suppose.

Drawing to a close, I've decided to accompany this with the email 'Tone 
and Accuracy', which I composed just before I resigned, and then 
decided against sending because as I was going to leave, it seemed 
unnecessary to start a conversation I was not going to be around to 
take farther forward. Now I am re-evaluating my decision, I should at 
least be around long enough to handle any comment on it, and hope it 
might still be of value to the forum anyway. We need a lot more grace 
to oil the relationships between us, and that can only possibly come 
from those who have themselves received it!

Let me make this perfectly clear: I am not decrying you or others 
generally discussing belief to find truth - I did a great deal in my 
younger days - it is just not what I feel *I* should be involved in 
myself at present.

God bless,


On 6 Feb 2005, at 05:49, Dr. Neville Jones wrote:

> Dear Eric,
> Please read my reply to Philip first and reconsider. If you still want 
> to go, then I will unsubscribe you, of course.
> You have a wealth of experience in this field and your views are 
> highly thought of by several of us here. Please, therefore, don't give 
> up.
> Yours in Christ,
> Neville.
> Eric Curnow <eric.curnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Dear Neville,
> Thanks for a few days on "freelists", but I've decided not to continue
>  with it. There is just too great a divergence of views to waste time
>  trying to sort the wheat from the chaff.
> Please remove my name from the site.
> Thanks, and Lord bless,
> Eric
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