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The book "In the Begining" has some interesting
 thoughts anyone can get it in a PDF file. It touches on those things. But I 
have not been able to figure out about that book either. When You do find it 
Let me know what it is. I would like to get it. Dr Jones, I'm going to be out 
of town a few days, it will be late saturday before I can ckeck email again. 
God bless everyone.
John D Matthews <john.matthews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I don't know the book, but the issue as to which agent is the better able to
explain geological features is still debated outside creationist circles. I
have less faith in the ice explanation. Water moving at high speed, and
draining freely into the earth as it rises out of the ocean (because the
water table is trying to follow the ocean level) does have power to move
large quantities of material, and then suddenly dump them as the surface
water exhausts itself by downward drainage.

John Matthews
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Subject: [creation] Two things

> Dear All,
> 1. Website homepage updated with a snapshot from the new Geocentric
Universe 2005 model.
> www.midclyth.supanet.com
> 2. Does anyone know of a book called "Ice or Water," or something similar,
which I remember seeing somewhere was a detailed synopsis of how the action
of water (i.e., the Flood) accounts for geological features much better than
glacial ice ever could?
> Neville.
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