[creation] Scientific Mafiosi

  • From: Amnon Goldberg <yerushabel3@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: creation@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Thu, 17 Feb 2005 19:04:11 +0200

An interesting article "Persecution in the name of science" from the 
Orthodox Jewish newspaper "Yated Ne'eman"
    The handling of Richard Sternberg  by the scientific establishment
    has been mild compared to some of his predecessors.


     There exists an academic and media mafiosi which attempts to
    discourage, suppress, ostracise, threaten, and demote individuals
    who even start to show an interest in "heterodox ideas".  


    Organised pressure groups, chicanery, sharp practice, and jealous
    histrionics abound in the "altruistic" Scientific Establishment, all
    geared to prevent and discredit any research and experimentation
    that threatens the establishment "status quo" or is against
    "informed opinion", especially in the area of today's three "sacred
    cows" of Evolution, Relativity and Heliocentricity. 


    Any doubters or nay-sayers are lambasted with epithets like "dupe",
    "heresy", "shameful", "disgraceful", "pseudo-scientific fanaticism",
    "fog of nonsense", "red herrings", "shallow", "starry-eyed
    fundamentalism", "extreme", "lack of balance, "dogmatic", "bigoted",
    "hysterical", "far fetched",  "ignorant", "of no help to anyone",
    "height of presumption".


    When even President Reagan in 1984 dared to express his doubts in
    the theory of evolution, public questions were raised as to his sanity!


    Researchers like Immanuel Velikovsky (catastrophist), Halton Arp
    (anti-Big Bang), Stefan Marinov (anti-Relativist), Pons and
    Fleischmann (cold fusion), Robert Gentry (pleochroic haloes),
    Richard Milton (anti-evolution), Barry Setterfield (decrease in
    speed of light), Eric Braithwate (free energy), Walter van der Kamp
    (geocentrist) etc., have been shown to have strong cases, or even to
    be substantially correct. Yet they were all initially greeted with
    epithets like "stupid", "drivel", "loony", "harmless fruitcake", "in
    need of psychiatric help" etc., and conspiratorial attempts at the
    highest levels were made to silence them, ban their publications,
    restrict their access to laboratories, deny them telescope time etc.
    in blatant disrespect of the pursuit of novel human knowledge.



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