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Dear Jack,
Paul's reply is interesting, but I do not agree with his point that the 
pre-Flood climate could not have been uniformly temperate because of seasonal 
tree ring growth.
We live on a World now where the variation in season is extreme, but it need 
not be. The Sun continues to go around its path, just as it always has (well, 
apart from the first three days), and the length of day will vary with Worldly 
latitude and solar declination. But a pure atmosphere with high water vapour 
content will cause an evenness of temperature around the World. Plants (and 
animals) are probably geared to seasonality, rather than to temperature 

Jack Lewis <jack.lewis@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Neville,
I passed on to Paul Garner your interesting question about rain, rivers etc
prior to the flood to see if the subject had ever been raised in CL-UK. This
is his reply.


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> Hello Jack,
> No, not to my knowledge. However, I think it's at least debatable whether
> there was no rain before the Flood. Genesis 2:4-6 may refer solely to the
> preparation of the Garden of Eden, rather than the entire period before
> Flood. (As an aside, fossil tree-rings indicate strongly seasonal climates
> at high latitudes. If these trees were growing in the pre-Flood world and
> were buried during the Flood, then the pre-Flood climate was not uniformly
> temperate as many creationists have assumed. See: Kurt P. Wise, 'Were
> really no seasons?: Tree rings and climate', Creation Ex Nihilo Technical
> Journal, Volume 6, Number 2, pp.168-172, 1992).
> Best wishes,
> Paul.
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