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I am very glad they picked a conservative rather then someone who is going to 
give the farm away, which is what a lot of people wanted.

"Dr. Neville Jones" <ntj005@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:I've found just one obscure 
reference so far, that "Benny #16" was born a Jew. The reason that I 
specifically mentioned through his father, was that I hold that Jews are Jews 
through the patriarchal line, not through the matriarchal line. I know that 
this is not the "accepted" way, but it is the one which is in harmony with the 
Bible, in my opinion. The Jews are simply confused.

Whether he's Jewish or not, his past certainly seems shrouded in mystery and 


Marshall wrote:
I read that Benny #16 was Jewish in an off-beat publication months ago, but
have seen nor heard a confirmation since then. If you confirm, I'd like to
know. fefinc@xxxxxxxx
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> Does anyone know if Joseph Ratzinger is a Jew? (I.e., was his father
> Neville.
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