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I am getting confused.... I dont know which list i am on (grin)
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  Thanks, Philip. I feel that we are making some progress. This aether business 
is interesting, but I can only accept an aether which is frictionless.
  Thank you for taking the time to read the article and respond (it was in 
response to your [geocentrism] posting that I wrote it).

  Philip <joyphil@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  Dear Neville. I have read your new posted article. I must admit that I had 
the wrong idea of your assumptions. I thought you meant that the Bible spoke 
specifically against space travel. Now I see it only as a problem of mechanics 
in a geocentric setting. Thus our difference of opinion, is not Biblical, but 
mechanical. Whilst we cannot manipulate the Bible, we can manipulate mechanics. 
I'm glad you got the matter of relativity cleared up. I always mean relative 
motions. .... I NEVER discuss the magic of the illusive GR. T H E O R Y. 
  Neville, you said, 
  "even if He did stop the World, what effect would that have? Well, we 
reasoned above that at least one of the Sun or Moon is orbiting the World. Take 
either one. Whatever rate it goes around at when the World is rotating would be 
seen to increase dramatically if the World were to stop."

  I was quite amazed at this excellent biblical proof using Joshua, that proves 
it was not the world that stopped. I should have thought of it, but astronomy , 
especially the movements are a mystery to me. My "OT " knowledge is sparse as 

  Yet your article failed to convince me that the easterly launch was wrong. 
when you said ,"Therefore at the accepted distance to the Moon, any rocket 
would need to achieve a westwardly tangential velocity, at the accepted 
distance to the Moon, of 61,364 mph" 

  Your statement is correct, but I do not see how you can prove that achieving 
this connection is impossible. You did show this to be so using Newtonian 
theories of motion, but we on this side of the discussion are outside of their 
computations, which we say are based upon false premise's.

  I believe they did get to the moon. I also believe that the forces that got 
them there are different to what they claim, even though the effects are the 
same... This is what is so frustrating about this/these debates. We do not 
manage to prove or disprove geocentrism...But the Bible remains safe and 
untouchable. Always. 

  I would like those involved here to please think in radial velocity rather 
than miles per hour. Thus we can have an orbit of rotation that is constant 
within certain constraints, no matter how far out it is. This will help in 
understanding my case. 

  These are my reasons for saying the moon connection could be made. 

  1. What ever is the source of the force, we cannot doubt that a westerly 
launch experiences an opposing force towards the east, equavilent to one that 
would be expected if the world was rotating towards the east. Conversely a 
launch towards the east experience an added impetus (or less resistance) equal 
that expected if the world were infact rotating eastward. 

  2. I have already offered that as the world is stationary, as it is, then 
this force directed against the rocket may be caused in some way by the 
rotating cosmos, (including the aether of its space) . The effect is twofold. 

  (a.) close to the earth, opposition is offered to any movement to rotate 
faster than the cosmos. i.e. it opposes a westerly launch . This may in some 
way be an effect of the reaction of the earths mass to the rotating universe, 
as per Roberts hypothesis. 

  (b) increasingly greater opposing easterly motion the higher the rocket goes 
from the earth. 

  Word diagram. Take a straight line out to infinity from Earth central. Place 
an arrow pointing up above this line. Thats east, and one under pointing down. 
thats west. This is a 24 hour rotating force vector downwards toward the west. 
This force pervades all space, and obviously it will have greater 
momentum/speed the further from the centre you go. 

  This speculative theory, and it is mere speculation, maintains that all 
mass/matter in space is constrained to move within "restricted bounds" either 
side of a radial from earth centre. In effect the force that carries the cosmos 
of sun stars at such apparent velocities, also must act upon any other bodies 
in space. The force forward (the future?) to the west may be greater all the 
way, than the force backward, (the past?) That is, it will always be easier to 
navigate against the cosmos rotation, than it is to navigate ahead of it, and 
this force increases either way the further one is from the centre of rotation, 
the earth. 

  The inertial navigation systems upon appollo would show what NASA expects to 
see. Not necessarily the reality. 

  Now that was my geocentric theory. But let us suppose for a moment, that 
NASA,made a big mistake and told a bigger lie. More on this to come, after I 
look at the course they claimed to have taken...


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