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  • Date: Tue, 1 Feb 2005 19:25:19 -0000

Evening all,
    Glad to be aboard, as they say. I am an ex-New Ager, now professional
wildlife artist/illustrator [mainly birds/landscapes] & writer, currently living
in North Wales, UK, & produced an
anti-evolution article for BBC Wildlife in 1995, supposedly "debating" "Rev"
Polkinghorne, the well known "Theistic Evolutionist" & physicist. Alas, I was
also still a "Long-Ager" at the time, unsaved - & still Jehovah's Witless-ised!
[That was soon expunged.]
    I still occasionally give lavishly-illustrated talks on Creation to both art
& science groups, but the North Wales Creation Group I helped to run is now
defunct [mainly because the only other committee member became
pro-homosexuality!] And I am just finishing writing & illustrating a book called
"The Design & Origin of Birds" for DayOne publishers, due out some time this
year, plus children's Biblical colouring books, & others.
    I believe in a 6x24 hour day Creation, c6000 yrs ago; that the earth is
probably the centre of a turning universe [with the Sun somehow also central as
it "circuits the heavens"]; that the geolly column sits upon the "Great
Unconformity" of the Flood, & is probably the work of some c900 yrs [2400 -
1500BC]; & believe the Lord has fulfilled if not completely instigated Daniel
9v24, & will shortly return to save the "Israel of God" [Christian Jew &
Gentile] from the restored Euro-Beast/Babylon the Great/Islam, & then rapture
us, judge all & bring in "The New Heavens & The New Earth".
    Amen to all that!
God bless

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