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  • From: Eric Curnow <eric.curnow@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: creation@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 16:14:07 -0800

 From Eric Curnow

I am a 49 year old evangelical Christian and non-scientist who became 
interested in the Creation/Evolution issue in the early 1980's. I 
offered my professional graphic design skill to the Creation Science 
Movement (doing their Journal for a few years) and Creation Resources 
Trust (doing early 'Our World' children's comics) and was a member of 
the Stort Valley Creation Group, who for a number of years met together 
and gave Creation talks in the East of England. Towards the end of the 
1990's I was keen on trying to encourage UK Creationists to work 
together, and helped get a couple of small-scale national conferences 
arranged, but there was not a lot of support for this particular 
vision. Because I was subjected to special constraint on 'Creation 
Link', a similar forum to this, I resigned, and from that time tended 
to become a "sleeping partner" to Creation Science - reading Answers In 
Genesis' and CRT's publications, going to Genesis Agendum meetings and 
the occasional Creation tour appearance, but little else. For about ten 
years prior to downscaling my commitment to the Creation ministry, I 
produced 'Creation Clips' - a digest of the daily national newspapers 
which began as a hard copy service to the UK Creationist organisations, 
and ended up as emailed bulletins to anyone who was interested in the 

Like many before me, I have become disillusioned with the lack of 
vision and cooperation of UK Creation organisations, and felt I was 
largely wasting my time with them - so I got more involved with my own 
local church and youth ministry in my Hertfordshire town. I'm also 
finding the Creation/Evolution issue increasingly complex and too 
difficult to keep up with; and (when I was involved in CL) the Flood 
Model disagreements were very draining. On one hand I think its great 
that AiG and the Intelligent Design people are making the progress they 
are, and feel maybe we should leave it to them, but on another, believe 
the only way we are going to get down to the grassroots is by 
activating lay Creationists to get together, hold local outreach 
meetings, pray and give to the work. It is my sincere hope that 
Neville's forum contributes to the greater understanding and mutual 
upbuilding of participants, kindling enthusiasm for exploits and 
helping establish Creationism as the normative belief for UK 

On 31 Jan 2005, at 07:14, Dr. Neville Jones wrote:

> Dear All,
> It has been suggested to me that I encourage forum members to supply a 
> couple of paragraphs to the group, that give a small introduction to 
> themselves and their beliefs/areas of specialization. This would be 
> useful to everyone else, because it breaks the ice and also allows us 
> to see who we should consult about various issues that we may wish to 
> raise.
> Since I think this is a good idea, I hereby encourage your 
> contributions (not mandatory).
> Neville.
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