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Dear All,
What is going on - am I misunderstanding some here - profound apologies if I
*The TWO things that virtually *always* connect unBiblical Christianity, false
religions like Catholicism, JW's [I was one], Mormons,"Christian Scientists"
etc, Hippie/New Age/Occult groups [I was in many], interfaith "dialogues",
evildilutionary/humanist philosophies, gurus [I followed 'em],
trickcyclists/"therapists" [I even paid 'em!], Moonies, Loonies [I went there,
too] & all -


God is Love - & Eternal Justice. Love without Justice is not love - just "New
Age" cant.
And only a "plural" Elohim could dialogue "together", & die for all our sins.
Isaiah 9: Jesus = Wonderful Counsellor [Holy Spirit], Jesus = Mighty God [El
Gibbor - the same as Almighty God]; Jesus is even Eternal Father [YHVH!] And
Prince of Peace, Lord of Lords etc - just because we cannot understand the
profound mystery of the Godhead, is no excuse to ignore what "He" says about it!
That's why the Jews were so annoyed at Pilates' title on the Cross:
Yeshua    Hanatsri            Vmelech      Hayudim =
Jesus      the Nazarene    and King     of the Jews!
[Hebrew spelling not my strong point!]
"Before Abraham was, I AM" = YHVH! [See also the Greek of Romans 9 v's 9 & 13 -
for the same word. "If you believe Jesus is LORD" etc - & "anyone who calls upon
the name of the LORD will be saved" - Kyrios/YHVH. [Ironically, this is even in
J.Witnesses Greek Interlinear - & they taught me well, the anti-Trinitarian

And "HELL" is self imposed, & deserved, for "God so loved the world/wants no one
to perish" & died "not just for our sins, but the whole world's" [1 John 2 v 2
etc, thus denying hyper-Calvinism] - but eternal "Hell" is due to any who reject
the greatest sacrifice the world has ever seen. Take away "Hell" & you have
nothing at all for the unbelievers to worry about! Then even MORE Darwins,
Dawkins, Mansons, Popes, Archdruids of Cant, Hitlers, Stalins, suicide cults, &
Steve Chalkes ad nauseum!

No ETERNAL "HELL" - NO ETERNAL LIFE - it's the same word.
The Lord is returning soon, & everyone will be judged on their beliefs - by
getting rid of the very Biblical teaching of "Hell", Christians are merely
sending many more millions into it. Woe to the teachers & stumblers, for theirs
will be the greater punishment!
PS Ancient Hindus taught long ages [an earth "4.3 Billion yrs old", probably
based on the same misreading of nuclear decay], & Greeks etc evolution, long
before Darwin came along!
& RESURRECTION [THEN THE JUDGEMENT.] From the Garden.......as Satan
said "you shall not die", he needed to invent reincarnation & endless "upwards"
evolution to justify his nonsense.
Satan, "Death & Hades", scarlet whore & false prophet, the hordes of Gog & Magog
currently assembling around the "camp of the saints & holy city", & any who
oppose Biblical truths, will be in "Gehenna" eternally, & "their smoke will
No more death - but plenty eternal punishment! Nowhere does the Bible teach
the "annihilation-lism" of the JW's, or the likes of John Stott etc.

Whatever eternal fire might actually mean, it is clearly eternal punishment -
whatever our "foolish" human wisdom may think of that. Our God is sovereign,
creates both Light & Dark, & is due back soon with some very "fiery" words for
the "great cloud" or "flood" of unbelievers - & even many "believers", who will
be saying "Lord, Lord, didn't we do some great things in your name?"! Nope......

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Dear friends,

   If the doctrine of hell- eternal torment caused
Darwin to reject God it is  high time for pastor-
teachers  to teach the word of God correctly so there
will be no another Darwin. It is sad that there are
times when ministers  of the word cause monsters of
ATHEISM like Darwin.


--- John Matthews
<john.matthews@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

> Although there are many books and articles written
> about Darwin, if one
> looks at the different versions of his Origin of
> Species (so that we are
> dealing with his words), we find that over time he
> ascribed less and less to
> the power of (the Christian) God.
> His stumbling block, was that when his brother died
> (unconverted to the
> Christian faith), he was furious with God because
> the standard Christian
> teaching was, that such persons would go to hell. He
> seemed to have ignored
> the invitation to repent. The same thing seemed to
> have happened to
> Mohammad, the 8th century Islamic prophet.
> John Matthews (UK)
> Retired reservoir engineer and petroleum geologist.
> Reader in the Chruch of England.

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