[creation] Re: Darwin put to flight in Bible Belt

  • From: Allen Daves <allendaves@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: creation@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Mon, 31 Jan 2005 17:59:57 -0800 (PST)

This is a Good thing, Let me know Marshall if I can help in any way. Also, I 
have been considering for some time if it would be possible to do this globally 
perhaps with other countries, perhaps who would entertain "science" ideas that 
are constant with the Bible without necessarily trying to sell them the Bible. 
I say that because it would be next to impossible to get any government to buy 
into a Bible centered society, however if the science & history of the society 
were in line with the Word of GOD, it would facilitate a more conducive 
environment for Christianity. I mention this because there are places that are 
hostile to western ideas, they only adhere to them because it is the "only game 
in town" so to speak. If it were possible to give them a better science and 
educational disciplines, it would be possible to use them in a Global approach 
to 2 Corinthians 10:4-5. We all know that our individual areas are inundated 
with Satanic doctrine, and we know that true science d
 conflict with the word of God nor does any other discipline in it?s true form. 
So why has it not been done or why is it is not the case that true science 
dominates rather than the pseudo science of atheists and humanistic religions. 
I know this would involve generating the curriculum, not withstanding the  time 
involved. It is my opinion, however, that when Christianity left the secular 
disciplines to the secularist then the secularist with the "doctrines of 
devils" have used every single one of them against the Bible and Christianity. 
I believe we have to take them back! The "how to" is the real troubling issue. 
It is the great work such as Representative Ben Bridges and Marshall that 
hopefully will beat back this atheistic tide that seams to get larger and more 
hostile to Christians and Christianity every year. One only needs to consider 
the recent Philadelphia incident, and the road that is going down. I believe 
though a long term Global approach would help facilitate all
  of the
 various regions in the world to include here in the west. I put this forward 
as food for thought. I don?t have anyplace(s) in mind, just expressing a 
outline of a possible overall "Global strategy". I am ex military and believe 
that we as Christians could be even more effective if we treat this war as a 
war and not just as a region to regional political problem. There are a lot of 
verse that talk about our "war" and there is a sophisticated methodology to war 
that is often overlooked and not understood it seems in Christianity. I know 
most people think of a war as a war "according to the flesh" but that is only 
one type of war, not war itself. Even the military understands this, that war 
is any process that involves opposing forces that can or will result in 
changing who you are. Planes and tanks are just means, not mode. I think is 
unfortunate, especially since the methodologies and that level of 
sophistication is the one Satan is using against us. This fact often brings to
  my mind
 Mathew 10:16 & Luke 16:8 

"Dr. Neville Jones" <ntj005@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:I like very much the idea of 
challenging evolutionism on scientific grounds, Marshall, and no doubt he will 
be wary of Skopes-type "evidence" popping up. Is the objective of this 
challenge to have the two taught side by side? Presumably it is, since you say 
it would be the "first hurdle."


Marshall wrote:
Our Georgia State Representative Ben Bridges has been granted a hearing to
introduce a Bill seeking to challenge evolutionism strictly on scientific
grounds in all Georgia Schools. This is the first hurdle. We'll see. (I
wrote the Bill, Ben is a tough Christian....)

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