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I have read the Alta Vendita.  I do agree that all the Churches have
been infiltrated by the illuminati however my position is that in spite
of this the Catholic religion is the only true one.
We "Traditional" Catholics are in resistance to the heresies that abound
in the Church.  The label Traditional is just to distinguish from those
liberal Catholics which are not Catholic at all.=20
Our resistance is not setting up my opinion vs. the Pope as Luther,
Calvin and other so called reformers did but we resist a heretical Pope
with the infallible teaching of holy mother Church (Galatians 4) which
are the decisions of his predecessors and true ecumenical councils.
This is an unfortunate situation since it is hard to convert anyone
nowadays to the true religion because it is hardly found anywhere.  Go
to SSPX.ORG to find a listing of trad chapels in US and there are links
to the worldwide SSPX chapels.
I recommend reading these:
Ora pro nobis sancta Dei genitrix,
PS: I am not offended by Mr. Snow.  His is typical non-Catholic bias
which can easily be overcome with knowledge.  If he is of good will he
will come around, and if not ....

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    Okay, my PC was wrong. Your e-mail address is valid. Thanx for the =
    I gather from the comments of yours that I have read on Neville's =
Forum that you are a Catholic. I personally think the discussion on =3D
Geocentrizm will go from that topic into the erosion of the Church's =3D
authority as the cause of the whole host of troubles the world has seen
since the "Reformation". Neither do I think people are perishing from a
lack of knowledge as a general cause of the world's troubles, but =3D
suffering from a general rebellion against God and HisChurch. One of the
links in the attachment I am sending you takes you to a page that has =
the contents of a little booklet The Permanent Instruction of the Alta =
Vendita that goes into this and which I highly recommend reading, or =3D
    Be that as it may, because of my assumption that you are a more or =
less devout Catholic I thought I would send you a letter, the =3D
attachment, that I put together in response to a priest accusing me of =
being a heretic, for your comments, if you care to read it. It takes =3D
about 30 minutes or so of reading to cover it. I do not think you will =
find any quotes in it that are not accurate. The priest I composed the =
letter, attachment, for did not respond for 16 month and then with the =
admission he could find nothing in error in the letter, but still would
not grant the only logical conclusion. During the wait for his response
I sent the letter, attachment, to more than 8,000 "priests" and others,
via e-mail and snail mail. There was a one per cent response rate, but =
none of the recipients denied the authenticity of the quotes in the =3D
letter, nor did they offer a reasoned rebuttal, but none of them granted
the only reasonable conclusion from reading the article. The world is =
not composed of logical men who have a high regard for the truth in my =
opinion, but is full of men seeking to justify their own preconceptions.

  Best Wishes, Ronald Knarr

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