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    Okay, my PC was wrong. Your e-mail address is valid. Thanx for the =
    I gather from the comments of yours that I have read on Neville's =
Forum that you are a Catholic. I personally think the discussion on =
Geocentrizm will go from that topic into the erosion of the Church's =
authority as the cause of the whole host of troubles the world has seen =
since the "Reformation". Neither do I think people are perishing from a =
lack of knowledge as a general cause of the world's troubles, but =
suffering from a general rebellion against God and HisChurch. One of the =
links in the attachment I am sending you takes you to a page that has =
the contents of a little booklet The Permanent Instruction of the Alta =
Vendita that goes into this and which I highly recommend reading, or =
    Be that as it may, because of my assumption that you are a more or =
less devout Catholic I thought I would send you a letter, the =
attachment, that I put together in response to a priest accusing me of =
being a heretic, for your comments, if you care to read it. It takes =
about 30 minutes or so of reading to cover it. I do not think you will =
find any quotes in it that are not accurate. The priest I composed the =
letter, attachment, for did not respond for 16 month and then with the =
admission he could find nothing in error in the letter, but still would =
not grant the only logical conclusion. During the wait for his response =
I sent the letter, attachment, to more than 8,000 "priests" and others, =
via e-mail and snail mail. There was a one per cent response rate, but =
none of the recipients denied the authenticity of the quotes in the =
letter, nor did they offer a reasoned rebuttal, but none of them granted =
the only reasonable conclusion from reading the article. The world is =
not composed of logical men who have a high regard for the truth in my =
opinion, but is full of men seeking to justify their own preconceptions. =

  Best Wishes, Ronald Knarr

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