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  • From: "Dr. Neville Jones" <ntj005@xxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 13:43:15 +0000 (GMT)

Dear Philip,
I and many others would be sorry to lose you from this forum, so I am asking 
you to reconsider. If you still wish to leave, then just say so (again) and I 
will unsubscribe you.
If even Paul had to "look through a glass darkly," then do you really think 
that you are seeing things more clearly than him? Did either Paul or Peter say 
to the other, "I cannot have any communion with" you? Or did they reason 
together, as God Himself wants us to do? Did Christ eat with sinners, tax 
collectors, prostitutes, etc., or did he say, "I'm too busy to bother with you 
lot"? Does God say over and over and over again to the Jews, "come back to me 
and I will return to you"? Or does He say, as the so-called "churches" do, that 
the Jews have "had their chance" and that it's "our turn" now?
Remember what unites us all. We proclaim to an atheistic earth that God created 
us and everything else.
I was really taken aback some years ago when I opened the door to two Jehovah's 
Witnesses who asked me the question, "Do you know what hell is?" Why? Because I 
had always found this a very strange concept. I invited them back and we 
discussed it. We reasoned on it. We researched it from the original Hebrew and 
Greek words, not the English translations. They helped me. I accepted their 
understanding and was greatly enlightened. I have been progressing ever since, 
even to the point of realizing the ultimate "scientific" scam - the 
heliocentric lie and deception. But I am not a Jehovah's Witness.
Please reconsider.
Yours in Christ I assure you, even though my understanding is different from 

Philip Snow <philip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Dear Neville & list,
Apologies, but I feel I must resign from this list - in the spirit of 2 John
1 v 10 - I cannot have any communion with folk who do not subscribe to what I
regard as inviolable, Christian doctrines. Plus I am very busy, not retired, &
some of the large number of eeeees are marred by technical problems [strange
repeated symbols etc], & sometimes difficult to read because of a lack of
paragraphs etc!
I will only repeat what I wrote in the attached article, with my last eeee:

*FIRSTLY : ANY doctrine that denigrates our Lord by insisting His sacrifice &
ONLY channel to God, are insufficient; directly implies insufficiency, & His
failure. It is "another gospel", & therefore "Antichrist", & to be rejected. For
He told us: "IT IS FINISHED"!
The Vatican's "co-Mediatrixes" & non-existent "Purgatories", where so-called
"Mary" [Queen of Heaven], we or others even "expiate" our own sins, or literally
pay for them, are simply unscriptural rubbish.
*SECONDLY : ANY doctrine that downplays "Hell" [really, eternal Gehenna] is also
a "doctrine of demons". The papacy has done so with its "Purgatory" &
unscriptural, interventionist "prayers for the dead", & unscriptural division of
sins into "mortal" & "venial" etc. This pope has also denied the reality of the
flames of Hell [but not "purgatory"!], but it is not just excisions - but
additions to scripture, that condemn any to "share" in the "sin" - as does
condoning homosexuality/sex outside marriage/Interfaith [Vatican 11].


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