[creation] Re: Catholicism.

  • From: "Philip Snow" <philip@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
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  • Date: Sun, 6 Feb 2005 09:07:34 -0000

Dear Neville & list,
    Apologies, but I feel I must resign from this list - in the spirit of 2 John
1 v 10 - I cannot have any communion with folk who do not subscribe to what I
regard as inviolable, Christian doctrines. Plus I am very busy, not retired, &
some of the large number of eeeees are marred by technical problems [strange
repeated symbols etc], & sometimes difficult to read because of a lack of
paragraphs etc!
    I will only repeat what I wrote in the attached article, with my last eeee:

*FIRSTLY : ANY doctrine that denigrates our Lord by insisting His sacrifice &
ONLY channel to God, are insufficient; directly implies insufficiency, & His
failure. It is "another gospel", & therefore "Antichrist", & to be rejected. For
He told us: "IT IS FINISHED"!
The Vatican's "co-Mediatrixes" & non-existent "Purgatories", where so-called
"Mary" [Queen of Heaven], we or others even "expiate" our own sins, or literally
pay for them, are simply unscriptural rubbish.
*SECONDLY : ANY doctrine that downplays "Hell" [really, eternal Gehenna] is also
a "doctrine of demons". The papacy has done so with its "Purgatory" &
unscriptural, interventionist "prayers for the dead", & unscriptural division of
sins into "mortal" & "venial" etc. This pope has also denied the reality of the
flames of Hell [but not "purgatory"!], but it is not just excisions - but
additions to scripture, that condemn any to "share" in the "sin" - as does
condoning homosexuality/sex outside marriage/Interfaith [Vatican 11].


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