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 Yousay, "The Kabbala does seem to be a highly dangerous creed, from what 
I've seen on your site." May I suggest you read some of the Talmud. It is 
not dangerous, it is utterly destructive. Ronald Knarr

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> Hi Marshall,
> Yes, I received Amnon's letter and found it very interesting.
> I have tried to correspond with Gerald Schroeder, but can't seem to get 
> past a wall of rabbis that answer the questions and arguments for him!! 
> Not very well, I have to say.
> This big bang nonsense really is a dead duck (perhaps I should say a 
> physically dead duck) and I sense that even within the universities they 
> are beginning to sense that finally.
> The Kabbala does seem to be a highly dangerous creed, from what I've seen 
> on your site.
> Neville.
> Marshall <fefinc@xxxxxxxx> wrote:
> Neville,
> In a very real way, this link is not "off-topic" (i.e., the geo/helio
> controversy)....
> As I show in my "Kabbala" series (esp. physicist Schroeder's book review 
> in
> Kabbala VI), the whole Big Bang Paradigm is the fulfillment of the
> Bible-destroying Kabbalist "creation scenario" set fourth by Kabbalist
> Rabbis back at least to the 1st century. And the BB Paradigm rests on the
> continued safeguarding of the Copernican mathematical model.
> Dresden and all the rest is basically true. Did you get Amnon's email of
> the Eichmann story and the Zionist manipulators behind the Jewish 
> suffering
> in WWII? I'll forward it.
> Marshall
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