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In a very real way, this link is not "off-topic" (i.e., the geo/helio

As I show in my "Kabbala" series (esp. physicist Schroeder's book review in
Kabbala VI), the whole Big Bang Paradigm is the fulfillment of the
Bible-destroying Kabbalist "creation scenario" set fourth by Kabbalist
Rabbis back at least to the 1st century.  And the BB Paradigm rests on the
continued safeguarding of the Copernican mathematical model.

Dresden and all the rest is basically true.  Did you get Amnon's email of
the Eichmann story and the Zionist  manipulators behind the Jewish suffering
in WWII?  I'll forward it.


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> It may be off-topic, but take a look at this
> http://globalfire.tv/nj/04en/history/theblitz.htm
> Did any of you get this in your "history" lessons? History? Just
propaganda. Democracy? What is that?
> Consider the "disgusting thing that causes desolation," as spoken of by
the prophet, Daniel.
> Neville.
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