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What is Philip's e-mail address? Thank you. R.K.
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  I do not know yet what are the rules applying to this list. I hope my opening 
statement does not contravene any of them.
  I want to thank Dr. Jones for inviting me to this list. I would like to think 
that he and I , despite my Catholicism, are good friends. Indeed God wills that 
the whole human race should try to be one with Him, and whilst we are still on 
this world, we should strive to please him by doing all things civil and 
respectful of each others beliefs. This is not to say that we or I will not get 
into disputes, or that we should accept error(sin) . This is what we are about. 
 Interpreting The Greatest Book that was ever given to mankind. To bring us all 
to Him. 

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    Dear All,
    Three things:
    1. I would like to welcome Philip to the group and invite him to introduce 
himself, if he wants.
    2. Percival's and Marshall's e-mails (below) should provide us all with 
fresh impetus to work together (despite whatever differences we may have).
    3. For those of you interested in geocentrism, a significant hurdle in the 
development of Geocentric Universe 2005 seems now to have been overcome, thanks 
to Steven's persistence in obtaining a suitable piece of code. Steven and I are 
now able to proceed with development.
    Glory to God.

    Percival Tanierla <percy_tan@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
    I think evolutionists control and influence is
    worldwide. Even in the Philippines 99% of schools are
    under the influence of evolutionists. No wonder even 
    christian children are misled by their teachers.

    I hope christian leaders in the Philippines would do
    something to open the door for creationsim.


    --- Marshall wrote:

    > This kind of thing is percolating in several
    > states...usually over the
    > evolution monopoly in the schools. Our.
    > Representative is supposed to get a
    > hearing for Bill that will propose that this
    > monopoly be open to challenge
    > in science classes solely on scientific grounds. 
    > We'll see....

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