[creation] Re: Animals laugh, too

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  • Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2005 08:38:42 +1000

Yes Percival. They still do communicate with their eyes most of all, for those 
who wish to see. 
It is interesting that some animals such as dogs and Dolphins and horses, are 
rated as having an IQ equal to a child of 5 to 7 years, before the age of 
reason. And we know that babies can talk. 

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      I agree animals have spirits yet different from
  human spirits which return to God after death. I am of
  opinion that in Genesis- before Adam fell into sin
  animals were able to communicate with  them.


  --- Philip <joyphil@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
  > Scriptures strongly indicate that animals have
  > spirits. Neville
  > I believe that all living things have spirit, which
  > is not the same as a soul. Even trees. I know my dog
  > laughs quite often, and even tries to talk.. 
  > Philip. 
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  >   Subject: [creation] Animals laugh, too
  >   Despite its evolutionary bias, the following
  > research report is quite interesting:
  >   Are we surprised at this? I, for one, am not,
  > because I maintain that the Scriptures strongly
  > indicate that animals have spirits.
  >   Neville.
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