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> I am personally of the opinion that the spirits of
> animals, birds and large fish do return to God on
> death, just as those of men and women do, but to a
> slightly different location in paradise.

On what scripture do you base this opinion? 
You could well be right but I find it a little strange that God would allow us 
to eat animals that are endowed with a spirit in the same way that man was. I 
am happy to believe that the difference between a live creature and a dead one 
is that it does not have any life (spirit) in it. The difference between the 
living and the dead at the instant of death whether it be flora or fauna I 
think is metaphysical - indefinable. Something is missing. 

> I therefore see no reason to rule out the resurrection
> of other creatures; indeed, I view this as bringing
> great glory to God through Christ.

Although I appreciate you want to give the glory to God, your view is based on 
your original opinion only - in the absence of any scripture that is.   

In Christ


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