[creation] Re: Animal reasoning?

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He can even appear as an angel of light - the Bible
tells us so!
Jack can you give me the references for this..   Hardly fair for us poor dumb 
people is it? 
I thought he can creat illusions, and thus make a snake appear to talk, but 
then why blame the snake, and make such a curse on him, but then again, what 
about the tree snakes. They don't grovel under mans heel???? I feel sorry for 
Eve.   She might have been the very first dumb blonde, and we had to wear the 
price of her stupidity of taking notice of a snake.  

Talking about intelligence, wasn't Lucifer Gods pride and joy for intelligence. 
 It doesn't sound even slightly intelligent to me to take on the almighty and 
infinite Power of God. 


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  > Dear Jack,
  > Your logic is simply wrong, because there is another
  > possibility: that the reasoning came from the donkey
  > itself.

  Neville it is easy to think up 'another possibility', I'm sure there are
  many people out there who could come up with alternative suggestions but why
  the need to?

  >The fact that you adamantly refuse to
  > acknowledge this option is irrelevant.

  So why is it necessary to say it? Isn't this a bit like telling someone that
  the fact they do not believe in God is irrelevant? It may be true but sure
  isn't the way to encourage a non-believer to become a believer.

  > There is an aside to this: that the reasoning given to
  > Eve came from the snake.

  That is obvious. It was Satan in the guise of a snake that led Eve astray -
  he is able to that! He can even appear as an angel of light - the Bible
  tells us so!

   > Scripture does not say or imply that God placed the
  > words in the donkey's mouth.

  Why should that rule out the supernatural? Can you imagine how thick the
  Bible would be if God explained everything he did? There would be a lot less
  need for faith as well!

  Neville I very much admire you as a scientist. I have never met anyone
  before of your calibre who is prepared to turn standard science on its head
  in the way that you do. As I have said in the past I consider myself as your
  number one fan. Your analytical approach is breathtakingly surgical  and I
  sincerely want you to succeed. However I do not think hat you can apply the
  same logical analysis to finding Biblical truth and I believe that is what
  you are trying to do. The truth can only come by divine revelation, it
  cannot be obtained by reasoned argument. I know scripture says 'Come let us
  reason together' but it is not a scientific reasoning it is a spiritual
  reasoning. You have opened my eyes to double checking the Bible about almost
  everything I had learnt about Christianity. This I am now doing and I feel
  that I am closer to the truth now than I have ever been. There are a number
  of issues on which I disagree with you and I expect that each one will be up
  for discussion at some point.

  In Christ


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