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didn't I say that in the previous e-mail.

you need to stop copying me.

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Anyway, I'm generally not a fan of these kinds of categorizations. I used to
be, but now I feels like it limits your understanding because instead of maybe
of 4 or 5 dimensions, you think only in 3. I'm referring to using ideas like
this to your advantage. Sure, it makes it easier to reason about games, but
only in some ways. Real life is more like an Arcsys game than a Capcom one.
Some people have unique attributes that can't be generalized across an entire
group. Others just change based on the matchup, like the buffs/nerfs during
rival matchups.

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U r at your best when reading opponents.

u r mind character tsek.

@stu, I been salvaging litany's since forever [๐Ÿ˜ฒ] _O_O_

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Apparently I'm brains because they used a clip from my Ryu tutorial in that vid.


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