[CPT-FGC] Re: Hi

  • From: Ilitirit Sama <ilitirit@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: cpt-fgc@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Fri, 22 Nov 2013 14:09:39 +0200

More changes coming in from Japanese players.

Blanka's close st.mk is now 4f and is airborne (which means it's
unthrowable like in SFxT).  Great stuff they made him even more gimmicky.

Boxer is looking to be really strong.  Ken won't be able to punish dash
straight with DP now.

Cammy got nerfed into the ground.  Cr.lk can no longer be chained.  LMAO at
that change.

Chun got really good buffs.  Better jump, better anti-airs (on normals and
because of jump buff), improved damage on U2.

Cody's crack kick is now immediately new airborne.  This is going to be the
new "Zombie"

Uryo feels Elena can be very strong.  Fundamentals are strong.

Evil Ryu and Oni got GREAT buffs.  Oni's DP is now FADC'able.  Evil Ryu's
health increase to 950 (he didn't need this...)

Fei was nerfed into oblivion.  Only noticeable buff is that cr.mp has a
small damage increase

Gouken has increased combo potential.  EX Tatsu now hits crouches (great

Guile isn't as susceptible to x-ups on wake up any more.  More damage on
his ultras.  1f more invincibility on flash kick

From Uryo's comments it seems that Hugo is bottom tier.  Understandable
from the footage I've seen.  He is way too big and slow.

Juri's j.hp is now longer a hard knockdown (great nerf :p)

Ken basically became more stupid

Rose has great buffs.  Might main her.

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