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okay Salie i thought this would be a point and clickey exercise. :(

f ur quantum physics, everyone knows about Mag's EM Disruptah
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Ooops. Forgot to mention that if you use the 32 bit version of mame the
command is either "mame.exe" or "mame32.exe", not "mame64.exe"

On Thu, Apr 30, 2015 at 7:17 PM, Ilitirit Sama <ilitirit@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
@LB (and whoever else is interested...) This is quite a bit of work but it's
worth it.

Mame save/reload/record instructions.

Get Mame:

Run the exe (it will extract to the folder you specify). In my case I'm
extracting to "E:\Games\Emulation\Mame\Mame 161"

Open a DOS prompt (Windows Key + R, type cmd.exe and enter)

Enter (with the quotes): CD "<installation path>"
So in my case I would enter:
CD "E:\Games\Emulation\Mame\Mame 161"

If you did not install on the C: drive, enter the letter of the drive following
by colon. In my case I installed on the E drive, so I would enter

Enter: mame64 -createconfig

This will create a mame.ini file. Open this file using notepad.

Find the section where it says "rompath". It should have a value that says
"roms". Replace this with the path to your mame roms. In my case it's

Find the section where it says "CORE MISC OPTIONS"

Use the values outlined here:

The cheats are for when you want to select a stage without having to play
through the game, but that's optional.

Save the file.

Enter mame64 at the command prompt. It will load a list of games in your Roms
folder. Type the name of the game you want. *Pay very careful attention to
the abbreviated name!* eg. For Super Street Fighter II Turbo, it's "ssf2t".
For the Japanese version it's 'ssf2ta'. Again, remember this name. It's very

Select the game you want and press Enter.

Set the controls. (Tab brings up the menu).

Insert coins and Press 1 and 2 to start players 1 and 2. Select the characters
you want.

When the game starts, position the characters suitably (ie. Corner, Midscreen
etc). Build super meter if necessary.

*Press Shift-F7 followed by 1*

Congrats. Your setup is now complete. Press escape to quit back to the DOS

Enter "mame64 <name of game> -state 1 -record <name of game>" (without quotes)

So for the Japanese version of ST, it will be:
mame64 ssf2ta -state 1 -record ssf2ta

This will load up the game and put you exactly where you saved that state, and
it will record all your inputs.

Try your combo. If you fail, press escape and then press F3 (or UP) in the DOS
box and then Enter (reruns the previous command).

Repeat until satisfied. Once you are satisfied with your combo, press escape,
then run this command (note the bolded part):
mame64 ssf2ta -state 1 -playback ssf2ta

It's worth testing that this works before spending ages trying to land a combo.

If you're satisfied with your work, press escape and run this command:
mame64 ssf2ta -state 1 -playback ssf2ta -aviwrite combo.avi

Let it run until you've recorded everything you want, then press escape. This
will create an UNCOMPRESSED video file in the folder "snap". Beware, it writes
at around 20MB per second of video.

The beauty of this method is that once you're satisfied with recording, you
don't even need to create an AVI yourself. Just zip up the savestate, inputs
and nvram files and send it to someone else and they can record it on their
side because it will play back perfectly.

PNG image

PNG image

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