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Teeeken isn't mainstream anymore.
Ultra Street Fighter 4 character notes
Cammy: Combofiend said Cammy is "not any different than before" and that "she's 
still very viable." Evans added that all of her bread and butter combos still 
work. They did say she doesn't get counter hit cr.HP into Ultra 1 anymore, and 
she does a bit less stun, but otherwise she's very similar. - FU KHAN 

Cody: They said anything that puts the opponent in a float state can be used to 
combo with his knife afterwards. Someone in the comments here on EHubs was 
quoted and they said they were worried "it was just one setup" where he got 
this, but the guys said it's applicable in other situations, like off of a 
Crack Kick and more. It's just one additional hit, though. - TSEK ZOMBIE

E. Honda: His 8 frame ultra 1 was changed because on mid-sized characters and 
up, he got his Hundred Hands into Ultra 1 every time, and the guys said it made 
him a bit absurd.

El Fuerte: His st.LK lost its ability to cancel because it went from 5 frames 
to 3 frames, and they didn't want him to st.LK, run, stop, st.LK all day long, 
because it's so fast, but Combofiend suggested doing cr.MK into run stop 

Gen: There's quite a few changes to this character. The idea is that you need 
to spend meter to get a hard knockdown with him now, though. Combofiend felt 
he's still "very, very good" but you just have to spend meter to get a hard 

Ibuki: Nothing [bad] happened to Ibuki in this game, Combofiend said. She 
actually got better. Her hitboxes hit lower, she has slightly better footsies, 
and her EX DP got better as well.

Ryu: The guys said you can play more of your own style of Ryu now, as he has 
more options to show off with in USF4. He's still the solid character that he 
was before, but he can show off now. Ultra 2 is a lot more viable, too.

Seth: This character was called a work in progress, and Combofiend said "he's 
by no means anywhere near his final form, yet." He added they want to make him 
stronger and better, and less based around gimmicks. 

Vega: Combofiend said that Vega's cr.LP being +5 on hit was very powerful when 
he tried it against some top Claw players. With the buff, Vega was capable of 
just mashing that move, and if he landed it, he could hit confirm into combos, 
and if he didn't it was safe. When they had it that way, it felt like the 
strongest of his changes. "A little too strong," said Combofiend. At another 
point in the stream, Rosas started talking about Vega once again. "He has the 
tools to be effective, it's just really hard to be effective with him," said 
Rosas. He elaborated that they're trying to give him good tools without making 
him overpowered by default, putting him in his own tier. He said he's one of 
the harder characters to balance. They did say they know what Vega players 
want, about four things, and they're still working on him.
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Agree on MainMan...

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 1:10 PM, Ryan Williams <ryan820509@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Ashraf, just use June against him *lol*
MainMan is an idiot.

On Mon, Feb 10, 2014 at 12:56 PM, Ashraf Barendse <ashraf.barendse@xxxxxxxxx> 

FT5 salty runback? Sure thing.

But I apologise in advance to the other guys if it's not fun to watch,

since it's going to be a very one sided affair in my favor.

MainMan butthurt about no TTT2 at Evo. I get it, but why diss Marvel?


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