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Dear Academic Librarian

It gives me great pleasure to invite you to participate in Project Bold Horizons
together with the Global Library Services Network. This is a philanthropic
that aims to bring content to remote communities in your country(villages). The
absence of a strong internet infrastructure in many of our ASEAN countries makes
it difficult for us to provide information to the most needed members of our
community - farmers, fishermen, etc. Many of you who had been to the IFLA
Conference in Glasgow earlier this year would have heard about the MS
Research Foundation's work in rural India (pls see attachment). As part of
CONSAL's effort to reach to the rural and agricultural economies of Southeast
Asia, we are embarking on this community project called "Bold Horizons." The
essentially deals with empowering remote communities in your country with
the ability to access free information which will reside in their local hardisk.
National Libraries/State Libraries will need to ensure that these
communities/libraries have a computer with a CD reader.As a participant you are
the contact point or contact centre for your community and you would be required
to work closely with CONSAL to distribute free digital library content. As a
regional centre you need to have internet connectivity.

For a start CONSAL will

(A)Distribute the Software (through CD) required to download, view and manage
Digital Libraries OFFLINE to specified organisations.18 Libraries that were part
of the
TIARA trial will be automatically included in this project. They are

(1)University Brunei Darussalam Library
(2)University Sains Malaysia
(3)Multimedia University Library (Malacca Campus)
(4)Multimedia University Library (Cyberjaya Campaus)
(5)International Islamic University Malaysia (PJ)
(6)University Malaysia Sabah
(7)International Language Teacher Training Institute
(8)University Tenaga Nasional
(9)Institute Latihan Kehakiman Dan Perundingan Jabatan Perdana Menteri
(10) SIRIM Berhad
(11) Multimedia Development Corporation Sdn. Bhd (Knowledge Management Dept)
(12)University Malaysia Sarawak
(13)Professional School Library of the Ateneo de University
(14)Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange (KLSE) Sarawak Branch
(15)Pustaka Negeri Sarawak
(16)Centre for Academic Information Service Sarawak
(17)De La Salle University Library
(18)Perpustakaan Sultanah Zanariah Library

If you wish other libraries to participate in this project, pls email the
following details to CONSAL secretariat (e-mail:secretariat@xxxxxxxxxxxxx)

1. Name of Library
2. Address of Library
3. Contact Persons

(B)Once installed CONSAL and GLSN will verify the User via the Internet

(C)We will then begin to DEPLOY a series of Digital Libraries / Material
over a period of 10 days. The material are free content (eg. WHO Health
Content, CONSAL Librarianship, etc) The material has been packaged so
that remote users will be able to receive it with known limitations in
communications. They can be distributed via CD's as well. Contact points
that wish to distribute them via SATELLITE could also do so using a SATELLITE
connection. Pls discuss with our support vendor (Global Library Services
that could assist you in this effort (email: cameron@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx) Currently
Satellite transmissions are being done in Australia and Africa utilising the
same infrastructure.

(D) Once the material is received it compiles into FULL TEXT SEARCH digital
libraries for local use.
( You do NOT need internet access whilst using the material )
  a.. Windows 98 / 2000 / XP
  b. 150Mb Disk Space free

(E) CONSAL will distribute Library and other material over period 2-10 December
(F) CONSAL will then move to PHASE 2 which is allowing participants to create
their own small library for distribution to other libraries in the region. This
could include conference content, local heritage, etc.

(See attached file: swaminathan.pdf)

Johnson Paul
Knowledge . Imagination . Possibility

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(Cap 213). Please notify the sender immediately if you receive this by error.

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