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  • From: "Mutiara Bte Md Jais" <mutiara@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: consalacl@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Tue, 3 Jun 2003 15:35:12 +0800

Dear Colleagues=2C

We=2C at UBD Library is being asked by the relevant to do a research =

and make comparisons on how other academic libraries in the region =

handle their electronic journals databases subscriptions in particular on=

the questions of return of investment or cost recovery activities=2E We =

have prepared a number of question (below) and would appreciate if =

you enlighten us on the issue=2E The fact-finding mission will enable us =
to =

make a strong case for more funding from the government by taking =

in into account the =93return of investment=94 issue=2E The questions are=
 as =


1=2E    How many students are there in your university =


2=2E    How much is the allocation for the subscriptions of your =

printed journal=3F

3=2E    How much is allocated annually for the   subscription of the =

electronic resources=3F


E-Reference (E-dictionary=2C e- encyclopaedia=2C etc=2E)

4=2E     How many databases are currently subscribe by your =


5=2E    Is it possible for you to name it=3F

6=2E    How and where do you get the sources or funding=3F

7=2E    How does your library manage databases and electronic =

journals with regard to acquisition=2C serials control=2C service and =


8=2E    What adjustments have you made on procedures=2C policies =

and budgeting to accommodate the current needs=3F

9=2E    How do you recover the cost of investing on the e-
resources (e-journal=2C e-reference etc=3F

10=2E   Do any of your e-services are charged to your users=3F

Should you have further queries please do not hesitate to contact =

me =9600-6732249001 ext=2E 1233 or this email =

(mutiara=40lib=2Eubd=2Eedu=2Ebn) or library=40lib=2Eubd=2Eedu=2Ebn

Your input in  this matter is highly appreciated=2E  Looking forward to =

hearing from you=2E  =

Thank you very much=2E

Yours faithfully=2C

UBD Library


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