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We did that long ago - my dad started as a tool & die maker for
Electro-Motive (made.makes locomotives) at the LaGrange Rd plant outside
Chicago before he went to the police dept (and before I was born too) and he
taught ne all sorts of tricks that most people think are impossible. My
neighbor scoured a local junkyard for a flywheel for his pickup that broke
the ring/starter gear teeth off but was in good shape as a friction
surface - he got one with a rusty face and took it to a machine shop to
resurface. I asked him when he was installing why he just didn't get new
teeth and he looked at me like I was stupid....he then said " they are
machined on" and I told him " no they aren't" and then took his old flywheel
up on a wood block and smacked the ring gear once hard and this ring with
bad gears came loose - he crapped himself. So his next project comes up -
restoring a ford pickup with also bad teeth - he remembered what I showed
him but he thought since it came off with a hammer that it went on with a
hammer - uh uh. I told him to get another gear ring since he trashed the
first. He got back and I told him to set his flywheel in the freezer
overnight and then get me in the morning. In the morning I told him to put
his overn on broil and set the new ring on the rack and let it go for an
hour. That got a really stupid look. I then took his oak 6x6 block into his
kitchen, set the frozen flywheel on it - took the hot gear out with tongs
and set it right on the flywheel as if it had 1/16th play and could even
spin it for second. He wanted to touch it but I told him to leave it alone
for 3 hours or more to stabilize outside. After lunch it was coold and
stabilized and I washed it down with warm water for 15 minutes to set it
further. I told him to try to spin the gear or pull it off - no way he was
budging that. Machine shop nor the scrap yard ever told him that since it's
easy to do and the ring gear was 1/4 of the resurfacing and even easier than
yanking a motor in the junkyard to get a crappy flywheel.

It cost him a 12 pack though but after that he started looking things up in
the library, like using oil when he cut glass so that the wheel didn't make
a rough line and didn't wear out.

Now in Boy Scouts we got dry ice to keep things cold and when we had out big
city-wide in Marquette Park in Chicago we'd toss the blocks into the
lagoons - looked like a creature from the black lagoon movie onsite. BTW I
can still get dry ice but many places list it as CO2 solid or want you to
sign a damage/injury release and of course an MSDS is included with it. I
got some for changing the link pins on my dad's bulldozer tracks about 4 yrs

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    used dry ice
  That's an old trick but dry ice is scarce anymore. An old machinist at
home when I was a kid had a monopoly on drilling spring leaves for overload
springs on heavy trucks and trailers. To add leaves to support a bigger load
they had to drill the new leaves to accept the center bolt that held the
spring together. The old boy was the only one for miles around that could
drill a spring leaf and wouldn't let anybody watch him do it...... not even
his sons that worked with him in the shop.
  They found an envelope in the safe after he died....... he drilled down
through small blocks of dry ice to keep the bit cool so it wouldn't lose
it's temper and stop cutting. The dry ice he used came from the incinerator
bin behind the drugstore......... it came in with the 2 1/2 gal tubs of ice
cream they used to make your choclate frappe'

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