[COMP] abyte @ freelists.org

  • From: Chas DiBella <hopiland@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: staff@xxxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Sun, 8 Mar 2009 23:55:22 +0700


We had been an early user of your list service (abyte), but discontinued use 
due to the rather clumsy interface and lack of ability to manage older 
archived messages.

We discontinued using your service after we were hit with spam, and were 
unable to remove the entries. Of course the dormant list still exists, as 
does the old spam entries, and the spam entries do appear on Google searches, 
and our listings do display Adsense ads for you, and the listings also direct 
users back to our website.

Nevertheless, it is probably best to delete and destroy the list, but only 
because we can not selectively delete the spam listings, which are rather 
disgusting and scandalous.

So since we cannot selectively delete and destroy the archived spam, how do we 
delete and destroy the complete list and all it's archives?  In other words, 
let's just put an end to the list forevermore.

lists at recycles.org is no longer a functional email address, but you can 
write to me at charles at recycles.org as I am the owner and founder of the 
abyte list at freelists.org

Sincerely, Charles DiBella recycles.org

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