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> But will this make any difference since the BIOS will
> still only see the first 33GB of the drive?
> No matter which mode (LBA, LARGE, AUTO) I use in the 
> BIOS settings to access the drive, the largest it will
> see is 33512MB.

Apparently Linux doesn't use the BIOS.

Don't have an exact solution to your problem but
it sounds like the large-disk-howto would be worth 
a read:

The 33.8 GB limit (August 1999) 

The next hurdle comes with a size over 33.8 GB. The problem is that 
      with the default 16 heads and 63 sectors/track this corresponds to a 
      number of cylinders of more than 65535, which does not fit into a short. 
      Most BIOSes in existence today can't handle such disks. (See, e.g., Asus 
      for new flash images that work.) Linux kernels older than 2.2.14 / 2.3.21 
      need a patch. See IDE problems with 34+ GB disks below. 

From part 4 - you can find it at 

> I take it motherboard manufacturers do not quote 
> how large a disk their BIOS will recognise for a 
> particular board, yes?

Yes.  Probably because they don't know what the specs "five 
years from the time of this writing" are going to be.


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