[COMP] Re: Maxtor Hard Drive Problems

  • From: "Robert Thornton" <evictor@xxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: <computers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • Date: Mon, 17 Dec 2001 12:16:24 -0600

I would think the first thing you should have done is run fdisk on the drive
to setup the second partion then reboot.  The system will then find the
second partion and add a drive letter to it.  Then you can format that

> Hi all
> I bought a 60Gb Maxtor hard drive about 2 months ago,
> and installed it in my system at home.  I am running
> Win2000 and at first I did not use all of the
> available
> space, rather I only partitioned about 28Gb of the
> full disk.
> Last week I tried to format the rest of the disk using
> Win2000 Disk Management software, but it would not
> complete.  I then noticed that the BIOS on the PC
> was only recognising the first 33Gb of the drive,
> even though Win2000 listed it as a 60Gb drive.
> A floppy comes standard with the drive, containing the
> MaxBlast software, which installs a feature called
> Ez-BIOS, which is supposed to overcome this
> limitation.
> I ran this utility, having to re-partition and
> reformat
> the complete drive, but now when I boot into Win2000
> and try to change the partitions(i.e. create new, edit
> existing, etc) it just displays an error message,
> and will refuse to do anything with the drive.
> My question is, has anyone had similar problems or
> know why Win2000 will not allow any modifications
> to the drive?  I checked the Abit website for a BIOS
> upgrade, and although there is an update, it does not
> mention anything about fixing the 33GB limit on the
> BIOS.  Does this mean the update will probably not
> contain a fix, or do the BIOS manufacturers not
> list these types of fixes?
> Also, does anyone know of a motherboard(preferably
> AMD Athlon board) that will support a drive this
> size out of the box?
> Thanks for any help
> Shane
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