[COMP] Re: Little Question Concerning Calc Connecting

  • From: Ralph Link <rlink@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx>
  • To: computers@xxxxxxxxxxxxx
  • Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2000 00:22:20 -0330

Hey guys... I'm not a big tech guru like alot of people on this list.. I'm more
of a software type of guy / anything dealing with audio so these questions may
sound extremly basic to a few people but here we go anyways.
 I got a new graphing calculator for Xams along with graph link cables to hook
it up to my comp. I want to load this guy up with proggies so bad but the
problem is I can't for some reason. I can't remember what parallel ports I have
used and what are free and I aslo cant seem to find that out except that my
modem is com2.
There is one free port on the back of my comp so I figured Id hook it up to that
one. I did and the Calcualtor showed that it was hooked up fine. So then I went
into my calculator software and tried reading from my calc screen with differnt
settings. Tried port 1, then 2 the 3 then 4. None worked.
No luck... I fiddled around with loads of things to no avail and I dont have any
ideas at the moment. I know this isnt exzatly a normal computer question but I
figured you guys might be able to help. Any suggestions would be extreamly
appreciated. Thanks.

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