4Cs 2007 Propsals Already!

  • From: "ms lynch" <amy.wordnerd@xxxxxxxxx>
  • To: comptesol@xxxxxxxxxxxxx, "John Guelcher" <j.h.guelcher@xxxxxxx>
  • Date: Sun, 9 Apr 2006 18:21:06 -0400

Hi, All,

Now, I know that we only just returned from the 2006 CCCC, but the deadline
for Cs 2007 looms. I have an idea for a panel, and I am welcoming any
interested folks to send me proposlas for papers fitting in this panel.
Below I've written a description of what I'm interested in. There are many
and varied ways of approaching this panel, so don't feel you can't be
unusual or find a niche--that in fact, would be cool. I am also open to
tweaking the concept, so suggestions are welcome.

Here's the pain: the deadline is at the end of April. So, if you're
interested, send me a blurb of about a paragraph describing your
paper/presentation by April 20th. While we'll have time to revise, try to
write it as the formal description you want to turn in.

I hope some of you are interested! Please send questions or proposals
directly to me at amy.wordnerd@xxxxxxxxx

I also hope anyone else looking to fill out a panel will use the listserv to
rally the troops, too!


The Compositionists' Manifesto: What I Am, What I Am Not

 The CCCC 2007 call for proposals, "Representing Identities," asks us to
explore the many ways we represent, misrepresent, interpret and misinterpret
the students, teachers, and work of composition.

 I propose a panel that explores the way compositionists are represented and
presented. Specifically, I ask: How do you define yourself as a composition
teacher? How would you define your role, if you could craft it? What roles
do you reject, or would you reject, if you could? What influences the ways
you define yourself as a teacher, or the ways others define your role?

 I'm not looking for general descriptions of what you do in your classroom,
but more in-depth considerations of our identities and how they affect our
work, our students, and the educational landscape. I am also interested in
how external and internal forces alike work to shape our role as teachers of

 As you consider a perspective, think about how you might ground it in any
of these questions from the CCCC CFP:

   - What do representations of identities mean to us in terms of
   history, pedagogy, research, and publishing? How do we translate (or should)
   we translate those representations into practices, policies, and
   - How are identities implicated by the expectations of the first-year
   writing or speaking course, the writing center, WAC, and/or new
   - What does our long-held expectation of an academic identity really
   mean for students, teachers, curricula, colleges….
   - How doe issues of identity affect…teachers from widely varying
   cultural and language backgrounds?

 If you are stuck, you might try this simplification:

As a composition teacher, I am a ________.

As a composition teacher, I am not a ________.

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