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I thought you might chime in on this topic, Peter!  I think we might like that 
very much.

Although Peter is now working for Intellisync in the Atlanta area, I should 
note that he does have emeritus status as a Colorado mobile developer, having 
run SyncField, Inc. down here in the Springs before getting scooped up by 
Intellisync last year.  SyncField produced some fairly high profile enterprise 
mobile solutions using Intellisync's Data Sync.  (Some may remember this 
product when it was called Synchrologic before Intellisync bought it.)


On Thu, 3 Mar 2005 18:44:57 -0500, Peter Wilson wrote:
> David,
> Unfortunately I was on a business trip in Dallas and could not attend 
>Darren's webinar.  Sorry I missed it though; it sounds like it went very well 
> I would be happy to present the Intellisync Data Sync solution via Webex in 
>one of your upcoming meetings. 
> Hope all is well in Colorado.
> Talk to you soon,
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> Darren Shaffer's excellent webcast today on the topic of data synchronization 
>with SQL CE hit on something I would like to see addressed at a meeting 
>"coming soon"--maybe as a recurring topic from time to time.  Data 
>synchronization is still one of the hardest things about mobile software 
>development and arguably the hurdle that most hinders the progress of 
>mobilized computing.  And there are so many ways to go about it depending on 
>your situation:  As Darren pointed out, even if we narrow the topic 
>of  synchronization down to (a) Windows Mobile, and (b) applications that use 
>SQL CE, we still have a bunch of different options to look at: merge 
>replication, RDA, or web services.
> So what about best synchronization practices when you've just got a text file 
>(maybe XML) for the data store? (RAPI anyone?)  Or best practices for Palm 
>conduits?  Or what about when your application is cross-platform Java of some 
>kind and uses RMS or a Waba Catalog to persist mobile data?  When to use web 
>services (and what protocol is best) and when to use something like 
>SyncML?  Or when to consider one of the commercial middleware options offered 
>by the likes of Intellisync, Sybase, ExtendedSystems, Oracle, IBM, etc.--and 
>which one?
> And here's the kicker that gets a lot of folks who think they've got the rest 
>worked out: how best to deal with network intermittency at inopportune moments 
>for those wireless apps that have to run in the real world of non-ubiquitous 
>wireless service? 
> I could have a thing or two to present at either the March or April meeting 
>in connection with some of this.  But does anybody else care to share a little 
>of what they have learned in the area of application data synchronization?  Or 
>even PIM synchronization, which is a whole field unto itself?  Anybody have 
>something they would *like* to see demonstrated by someone else?  I may be 
>able to round up someone who could do it for us.
> David
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